A Tribute to Our Influences

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Recently, we decided to make covers of some of the songs we’ve always loved. We had so much fun doing this, trying to capture the magic of the originals to the best of our ability, that we wanted to share this with our amazing listeners.

Hopefully this wasn’t too ambitious – Nightwish songs aren’t exactly easy to do justice! But please let us know if you enjoy them =)

End Of All Hope

P.S.ย If you like the music youโ€™ve heard so far and you want to listen to more,ย you can check out our latest album here!

Also, please do leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of everything we shared in this post – it would be really great to hear from you =)


  • Victor Perez says:

    It’s refreshing to hear this kind of metal to many metal groups are to radio friendly this sounds like your music on your terms I enjoyed it and can’t wait to see you live here in NYC.

  • Dennis says:

    WOW! You guys nailed these! I enjoyed your vocals more than the Nightwish originals! Amazing job! Great guitar work too! Hope to hear much more from you. Blown away!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much Dennis – that’s unreal! Seriously, thank you so much, this comment made our entire week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dave says:

    More please,I hope that the album will be as good

  • Michael Klunk says:

    After three songs I told my wife we were listening to covers and she stared at me all wide eyed saying, “These are covers!? I aspire to do Evanescence covers this well.”

  • Matt says:

    Typically when I see “Nightwish Cover” I do this internal cringe of like “oh no this is going to be bad..” I really liked these!! You guys did a fantastic job. I was even actively trying to find something I could nitpick on and came up with nothing. Excellent work, loved it.

  • Carlos Medina says:

    Adrienne you nailed Tarja’s vocals…I personally like yours more than hers. the rest of you guys have done a fantastic job as well. you guys have a new fan

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Carlos, this reply is from Adrienne – “That’s one of the biggest compliments anyone could ever give a vocalist! Seriously, thank you so much!”

  • Debby says:

    I’m a big fan of Nightwish and also love a lot of other symphonic metal and I think you are doing a great job. It takes time to get used to performing in front of a camera but stick with it, it will come eventually and you’ll feel more confident. Nice One.

  • Neil says:

    I appreciate people are, in the main, trying to be cnstructive but I think some comments are a tad harsh. These are very good demo tracks. Of course its not Nightwish but its a seriously good cover. The camera presence will come in time. You deserve a break if all your music is as good as the presented tracks. Good luck. I am a big symphonic rock fan and would happily listen to your offerings

  • Joe K. says:

    As a huge Nightwish fan, and a fan of mostly 80’s metal, thrash, and Norse metal (Amon Amarth), I think you guys have an excellent sound. I’m sure in real life you guys sound better than these videos make it seem. I do agree with some of the comments here about needing to look more comfortable on camera. None of the videos come across as showing that you enjoy what you’re playing. I know first hand that when you know there’s one camera focused straight on any one person it can be intimidating and can cause you to be hyper focused on just that. I think maybe a few videos of you guys playing live to an actual audience would give us a much better glimpse into your stage presence. Or maybe just have a few friends recording video of you playing from different angles and edit it together. Regardless, it is obvious the talent is there, and I hope you guys go far. I’ll be watching and listening ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pรคivi says:

    Great versions of those Nightwish songs -as a huge Nightwish fan I tend to be very critical of other bands covering their songs. Love the vocals ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Steve Johnson says:


    Vocals excellent but its obvious the video was to a budget. Green screen and an overlay would get you further … second would be to consider laying the film over a prerecorded track so you don’t have to concentrate on playing or singing and can go further with inventing stuff.

    About ‘sounding flat’ … sometimes that’s in the mixing. I have mixed tracks 2 or 3 times and each time someone has said – don’t like my voice on that version … you need an independent listener and sometimes no one agrees so you do a re-take.

    Like the music, like the style and i suspect you’ll be up there with Epica, Delain and all the others!

    Love it!

    Good luck

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much! Really glad you liked the music. Yeah, video is definitely our weakest point. We’re working on it though =)

  • Del says:

    I LOVE Nightwish, especially Floor on vocals ( saw them in Manchester last night ) but you guys are close, very close but with enough subtle differences to my metake notice ans I am liking what I’m hearing…Good vocals, really nice defined lead guitar and great driving rhythm…Well done indeed

  • Marcelo Gass says:

    I love nightwish and you guys did an amazing job

  • William says:

    I’m an 80’s metal guy and not very impressed with the nu metal coming out today, but your band is incredible and I’m glad I took the chance to hear you. Great sound, keep it up for as long as you can.

  • David says:

    Just discovered y’all. Excellent music, and i will be searching for an album. Are you going to make a cover songs album?

  • John A Hillis says:

    Absolutely Class love it

  • Sam Furr says:

    Hey guys, I listened to one of your covers and watched the video. Really good musicianship and singing. I have no doubt that you are all extremely passionate and dedicated about what you do and quality of the production and playing I thought was very good.

    I would say that in your video however, the passion for what you are doing doesnt come accross very strongly and you need to work on really performing the songs, if you don’t then fans will find it hard to connect with your songs on a deeper level (and you need them to do this).

    I could list as examples how I felt you could do more:

    1) Neither guitar player looked comfortable looking into the camera, you seem to be trying to deliver a perfect performance but miss how important it is for your viewer to really believe you love the songs and you need to communicate this more. Make it feel authentic.
    2) You could work a bit on looking like a band you aspire to be – I know bands you list wear make up for example, you could look a bit more like a band, a bit less bland.
    3) Your singer is trying harder to communicate to the listener and engages more with the camera but could gesture more..
    4) Bass player looks like she really lacks confidence, too self conscious, try to enjoy playing the song more.

    I hope this doesn’t come accross too negative, I just see a lot more that you can do

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Sam,

      We really need to work more on video, definitely. It’s hard to please everyone, because just as you think we ought to look into the camera more, we’ve gotten criticism in the past for looking at the camera, and so this time we tried the opposite. It’s a tough balance to find ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jim says:

    you have a new fan,,,im hooked,great band

  • Stan C Myers PhD says:

    Impressive work . . you need that live drummer . . Adrienne’s voice is strong . .

  • Steve Tatler says:

    Excellent! Very talented with a great sound and vocals. Note-perfect N/W covers. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from and about you โ€“ I am sure we will ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wish you guys were available for bookings in the UK!
    Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rick says:

    Oh my goodness, Adrienne’s vocals seem to come from nowhere and then soar into another atmosphere. It’s pretty obvious that she did her homework on these covers. Tarja is NOT an easy act to cover, but Adrienne you TOTALLY NAILED IT on all of these covers.
    Kevin, I’ve spent many years listening to, studying and immersing myself in guitar work of all different genres of music. The rythym and bass lines in these covers are 100% dead on perfect.The lead, while nailing it for the most part is a little over powering in spots. Mixing the volume down just a tic, particularly on Nemo would be perfect. I was completely satisfied with the drums on everything.
    Kevin, it’s easy to see where the group’s influences lie. That being said, you ALL seem to have gone totally over the top in capturing the Power and the Passion that Nightwish brings. There aren’t proper words to express my gratitude to Mute Prophet for the effort and committment that went into these songs.
    Thank you all so much. And please continue to put out great original songs and fantastic covers. I share your music on my timeline all the time.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Rick,

      That’s incredibly flattering, thank you! You have no idea how much it means to us to hear that we were able to capture that distinct passion of Nightwish’s music. I can’t even convey how encouraging that is =)

  • Derek says:

    Just brilliant not going to make any comments as i think your doing a great job . It’s a pleasure to listern to great covers .

  • andy goodfellow says:

    Wow. Brilliant stuff. Adrienne does a brilliant job on vocals, Tarja has a pretty unique voice, and I think she nails it!. My only quibble, you need a drummer! Tough band to cover, never heard a cover of Nightwish before, Tuomas needs to hear these. Nice one guys.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much Andy! I imagine there aren’t many people who would be crazy enough to cover Nightwish, especially a song like Ghost Love Score with such a massive arrangement and length to it! We definitely wouldn’t be able to do something like this if we had to pay a studio every time we wanted to record.

      • Sithspit says:

        Y’know, I was prepared to absolutely hate this, because as you pointed out, who is crazy enough to cover NIGHTWISH? Not to mention the balls to try Ghost Love Score; that song has “Epic” all over it.

        But…but…I gotta say, I’m impressed. Like, really impressed. Different enough to make it your own, but close enough to the original to pay it true homage. Musically, the arrangement was excellent; vocally, where Floor’s prowl through the song, Ms. Odenthal’s style rendered more a feel of passion, a sensation of pain and loss, longing. It struck me nearly as emotionally as the original, and that’s saying a LOT.

        Well done, folks…well damn done.

        • Kevin Goetz says:

          Wow…this is just too flattering! We’re all so incredibly happy to hear that we were able to capture some of the emotional impact of the original. Thank you so much for saying all of that – it means so much to us ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ed says:

    I love your stuff and where you’re going with it…

    but I wish you’d adjust the balance a little, personally! I think the guitars are a little overwhelming relative to the vocals.

    Just my opinion, keep up the great work!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks for the feedback Ed! The mix is the same template from our album “Stillborn Reflection,” where the balance is measured to be pretty much exactly akin to that of Nightwish’s Once album, in fact the vocals are actually a bit louder than Tarja’s were there.

      On the Century Child songs, though, you might be right, that sound doesn’t work quite as well with that arrangement style. Something we’ll definitely look into before going to Youtube with these songs ๐Ÿ™‚

      • kruug says:

        I agree with Ed. There’s something almost…flat about the backing music compared to the vocals. It sounds like Adrienne is singing over a recording, not live instruments.

        • Kevin Goetz says:

          Thanks for the feedback! I think I see what you mean, at least on Bless the Child, and I’m pretty sure it’s an easy fix. I’ll probably update the mixes in the next couple days if I can find the time to do a remix =)

  • Nick says:

    Yes – please do more

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