A Worthwhile Struggle

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Midwestern America is known for a lot of things, but y’know what it ISN’T known for? Metal music. Especially symphonic metal. It’s also one of those places where if you grew up being interested in videogames more than sports, you weren’t exactly going to be popular.

It was 2006. I was 14 years old, nursing a few fresh bruises after yet another day of bullying at school. I remember the chill and the pain as I pressed a bag of ice to a fresh black eye, while browsing this brand-new website called Youtube – maybe you’ve heard of it? – and stumbled onto a fan-made music video for “The Kinslayer” by Nightwish. From the very first note, that first syncopated punch of the drums and guitars and keyboard, I was obsessed with symphonic metal. It was the most intensely powerful music I’d ever heard!

Nightwish’s themes about finding beauty and inspiration in tragedy. Epica’s philosophies on personal responsibility and creating your own reality. Something about having that amazing music blaring in my headphones all the time made the bullying at school more bearable. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel quite so hopeless – maybe you can relate?

It was empowering…but lonely. Metal as a whole was pretty unpopular with my peers, and these obscure European acts were even more unknown.

My solitary love for this music led me to pick up guitar in the hopes of learning to play some of these bands’ songs for myself, and I ended up getting my best friend Chris into guitar as well. Every weekend, when most other kids were out partying, he’d grab his guitar and we’d lock ourselves in my room to practice. It became our shared way of coping with all of our various anxieties.

But Chris came from a background of extreme poverty and dysfunction, and eventually that caught up with him…

Literally the day after graduating from high school in 2010, Chris had to start working himself to death in a factory to take care of his siblings and his disabled parents. But despite 60-hour work weeks, he still came over to my house as often as possible so we could keep making music together. He felt that the band’s eventual success was his only conceivable way out of that factory – so he practiced guitar with all the fervor of someone fighting for their life.

In 2014, when Adrienne joined the band, it was at the darkest time in all of our lives. Chris had lost his house and spent the hottest months of summer living on the streets. I had developed an autoimmune disease that was becoming life-threatening. And worst of all, Adrienne’s boyfriend beat her to within an inch of her life, with every intention of killing her. She escaped with nothing but the clothes she was wearing.

I suggested she try singing as a way to cope with the PTSD that developed as a result of the incident, and she threw herself into it with more passion than I’ve ever seen from anyone, her only teacher being Youtube and sheer determination. Her haunting voice conveyed so much pain, turning the horrors she had witnessed into something tragically beautiful that resonated perfectly with a lot of the music we’d written. And she even figured out how to growl, which added another dimension to the music I’d never thought about before. I knew then that Adrienne was the only person I could possibly ask to sing for Mute Prophet.

Our bassist Louisa joined up and completed the Mute Prophet lineup in 2018. She was a mutual friend of ours who endured a traumatic event of her own, and after seeing the incredible ways music had helped Adrienne recover, I figured, “why not teach her to play bass?” I mentioned that if she enjoyed it and got good enough, she was more than welcome to join the band.

And now, here we are.

It’s not an understatement to say that this band saved our lives. Singing pulled Adrienne back from the brink of suicide. Chris is now able to afford three meals a day and a roof over his head – which is more than he’s had for most of his life. And while I have no idea how this is possible, it seems that as long as I play guitar frequently, my chronic illness somehow stays in remission! Don’t ask me how that’s possible – I’m just a musician, not a doctor…

But more than all of that, it’s YOU, the listener, who makes it all matter. Music has no purpose with no one to listen to it. Everything we do, the essential other half of it all, is sharing it with people like you.

I look forward to many more sometimes-hard, sometimes-ugly, always-worthwhile experiences along this musical journey – and here’s to hoping that you are part of that journey.

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone on that journey, click here to listen to our latest album, “Stillborn Reflection.” 

And hey, if any of this resonated with you, or if you have any questions or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you again for making it all worthwhile.


  • Rya says:

    My comment was deleted woah denied was just saying glad to see your all in better places & may star light your ways to the top 🤘🤩🤘

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Ryan! Sorry about that, it wasn’t deleted, just a little glitch with our comment moderation system. You should see it here now 🙂 And thank you so much! We’re so happy to have you here.

  • Rya says:

    I now see why the stars have shown me the path to your amazing music I too know horrors of this realm tho I have jammed it is poetry that keeps my dark at bay I thank you for sharing such pain may the stars light all your paths to your desired doorways 🤘🤩🤘

  • Chris says:

    I’m glad you guys are in a better place now. I’ll be sharing your music to hopefully get a few more followers and subs, if the chance arises definitely try to get over to some symphonic events across Europe and the UK as I think you’d be greatly appreciated and gain many more fans. Looking forward to the future of the band and new music, I’m still suffering depression and anxiety along with a couple of other things and symphonic metal helps me a lot, it’s helped keep me alive.

  • Aaron Collins says:

    This is not the first blog from this band that has brought me to tears, but I’ve been long overdue to cry as a tool of catharsis. I was so long overdue to cry from weeks of my mental illnesses (which I listed on Adrienne’s blog so I won’t list here) beating the crap out of me from the inside that when the tears stopped i was finally able to reach out on an extended basis, so, thank you.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Aaron! I think Adrienne wanted to reply in a bit more detail, but I just wanted to say that you never need to apologize, and we’re all very happy to hear that these blog posts have been so moving for you.

  • Rick says:

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to your music yet (I will soon) but some of your story here resonates with me. I deal with depression on an almost daily basis, often wishing for death. What I find helps when fighting these urges is music, in my case listening to music rather than playing it as I rather quickly found out I have no talent whatsoever LOL A song has saved my life on more than one occasion (one particular song primarily) but music is the reason I wake up each day and continue to struggle with my demons. Thank you for creating music, someone, somewhere will be inspired to live!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      I can definitely relate to that feeling of a song saving your life. Thank you so much for taking the time to connect with us like this, it really means a lot. And seriously, if our music can be someone’s reason to continue fighting, that’s just about the greatest gift we could ask for!

  • Nicholas Wilson says:

    Love the music and love the drive of everyone in the band to overcome the B.S. their lives have dealt them

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much for commenting Nicholas! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying the music 🙂 It definitely hasn’t been easy with everything we’ve all gone through, but like I said, totally worth it in the end.

  • Phil says:

    Got the free songs and loved them. I don’t listen to symphonic metal as much as I love it. You guys got something special. Can’t wait to buy the albums when my finances allow. Hope to catch a show in the future.

  • Brett says:

    Inspiring story and I’m glad to see that things have got better for you all. Like yourselves, I have had my ups and downs in life, and like you I find escaping into music a big help (I only listen: I cannot play an instrument). Nightwish was one of the bands that got me into symphonic metal, although I enjoy other styles of heavy rock/metal as well.

    I wish you all the best with the band.

  • Nicholas Baker says:

    We often look at celbrities and musicians as heroes that its easy to forget they’re still human and go through issues like we do.

    My family is currently struggling with some things as well. But we’re doing fine and doing what we can to get through it.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Glad to hear you’re doing okay despite having your own struggles! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment 🙂

  • Thomas Whitley says:

    I read what u wrote it really touched the core of my soul, I have PTSD from the military days, but I still my life to the fullest. Your music is the keeper of my heart and soul.

  • Jeremy miller says:

    Hey, I really like your music! I suffer from depression and PTSD so I can definitely relate to your life stories. Keep making music because it is one of the most beautiful things on this planet! Thanks for the free songs! I really appreciate them!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much for checking out the free songs Jeremy! Sorry to hear you’ve suffered from some of the same things, but we’re glad you’ve found your way here 🙂

  • Tim says:

    Hmm I hope my comment was posted? I don’t see it anywhere. Oh well keep me posted on any new songs you guys are putting out… I’d like to hear them.,

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Tim, sorry about that! We have a manual moderation system to prevent spam and I just hadn’t gotten to it yet today =) It means a lot to hear that you’ve experienced some of the same battles we have – I think everyone needs to know that they’re not alone in their struggles, and we’re so happy that our music speaks to you 🙂

  • Tim says:

    I did read your message before listening to that last download, and I must say I can very much relate. I never had it easy growing up and commuted suicide on more than one occasion, almost succeeding a few times but it just wasn’t my time. And me learning to play the guitar in my teens helped me grow, helped me hone my words and poetry sort of speak. But I did already love music and it was always there for me when no one else was. So I feel ya and do like your sounds, reminds me of Cradle of Filth honestly. One of my faves. Well keep doing what you guys are doing and I respect as well appreciate you sharing your music as well as your stories. It made me think I’m not alone in my struggle with life. Thank you and Rock On!!!

  • Ethan Decator says:

    Hey kev you guys are just beyond words of epicness. I closed my eyes and just saw the battle between cloud and sephiroth from advent children while listening to this song. I am going to buy and make a playlist for while i fight in trails and raids on FFXIV. Keep up the epic work guys. Oh and i got inspired for new prop designs.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      That’s so awesome, thank you for saying that! Not gonna lie, it’s been a small dream of mine for our music to fit in with raids, so that’s incredibly fulfilling to hear 🙂

  • Sean reddy says:

    Hey guys, I have always loved symphonic metal and when I saw your ad I thought hey, maybe just another wannabe but no, your sound is totally refreshing, Adriennes vocals are soulful but yet stunningly powerful. Made me go out and buy the album. Hope the band lasts many years.

  • Trevor Hughes says:

    Hey Kevin and band! I’m so glad that I clicked on your page!! You have an unbelievable sound and the song “as you fall” so powerful!! It brought tears to my eyes because it was so powerul and tragically beautiful ❤️ Your story was amazing and the stuff you have all dealt with and being able to share to your fans and put it in your music is amazing!! I look forward to hearing more Mute Prophet and buying your music! Would love to see you live 🤘🏻❤️ Much love to you all 🙏🏻
    Your new fan
    Trev 🤘🏻😉

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Trev, thank you so much! Seriously, I saw this comment and it absolutely made my day! We’re all looking forward to sharing more music with you 🙂

  • Mike says:

    hellos i found your guys music through a random fb add but im also glad i did music has helped me through many struggles in my life and helped me keep on going esp symphonic metal and yep im also a fellow midwesterner who was the odd one out listening to things like rammstein or nightwish or epica etc keep up the fantastic work and lookforward to seeing what other music you guys make

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks so much for checking out our music! It’s always amazing to see how many people have been helped through hardships by symphonic metal. There really is something special about this kind of music. 🙂

      • Terry Augar says:

        Hey Kev & The Band, As I Said Many Times Your ” Albums Are Magnificent !!!!!! When Can We Expect A Third Album????

        • Kevin Goetz says:

          Hey Terry, thanks so much! It really does mean the world to us all =) You can actually expect news of a third album relatively soon – we’re aiming for some time toward the middle of this year 😉

  • Dennis Smith says:

    What an amazingly original sound! Really digging your music. Never heard anything like it. The stories that it sprang from are truly inspiring. I wholeheartedly agree that music has healing powers and you are proof of that. Hope to hear much more from you guys. Rock on!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Dennis, thanks so much for checking out our music and for reading! It really means a lot that you’ve enjoyed it thus far, and we’re excited to share more with you =)

  • Lilly says:

    Thanks for sharing, please keep making wonderful music and never stop being yourselves 🙂

  • William Maart says:

    I am but a mere mortal myself. But you are correct in that certain types of music affect us differently.
    Keep doing what you love. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  • Stan Ward says:

    Love the music guys. I have to say Adrienne has a voice that’s as beautiful as she is. Keep it up it’s very refreshing music for a change

  • Stan Ward says:

    Digging the music guys Adrienne has a voice that is just as beautiful as she is. Keep it up guys it’s an honour to be able to consider you my friends.

  • Chris says:

    I’ve never been much of a symphonic metal fan, but listening to your music I was blown away. The passion and love for the music can be heard in every note. You all have been to hell and back, congrats on making it out of the holes you were in. Keep up the awesome music, don’t be like some other bands and start to suck after your first album!

  • Jeffery Wood says:

    I’m really enjoying what I’ve heard so far. Are the lyrics for the songs available someplace? Being a bit hard of hearing, I have a difficult time catching all the words in music.

  • Jim Kaziska says:

    I’ve been listening to yalls music and I agree her voice is delightfully haunting. I actually find it quite soothing as I’m a metal fan and s classical fan. I know weird combination right. Lol anyway I’m looking forward to seeing where yall go from here. I’ll be watching for more from yall. Thank you

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks Jim 🙂 Isn’t that interesting? I’ve actually met quite a few metal fans who are also into classical – myself included, to some extent. It seems in some ways like they go hand-in-hand.

  • Kelly D Caudle says:

    I was drawn to your group immediately upon first sight..and as I read the story I knew why…i have MS and have struggles financially as we raised the kids into adulthood… The struggle continues but is somehow lessened by this connection. I will do all I can to support you all as youake a way into the world that should embrace you yet has opposed you for too long. Keep on moving on your path… We will be MuteProphet Supporters of the musicians, the humans that took a hard life and oh it to music.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Kelly – that’s incredible. Connections like this are THE reason we do this. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve struggled with something as horrible as MS. Thank you so much for the support – it truly means the world. I really like to think that as we all come together as a community around a love for music, we’ll all find the strength to succeed in our various struggles 🙂

  • Chris McDaniel says:

    This is an amazing story of perserverence and I want to say thank you for sharing because now when I hear your songs i have an idea of some of what you all have been through to make them. My best friend and I also grew up in a small Midwestern town in Ohio where football ruled everything and our lives were miserable because we refused to play. He developed really bad social anxiety that we later learned was a sympton of him having Asperger’s, and I got really bad temper from years of pent up rage. Now that we are adults we still struggle with some of the scars but we put most of it behind us and he is actually now a pretty accomplished heavy metal singer/song writer around NE Ohio and is working on his first album under the guidance of Bobaflex. The reason I shared this is that when you talked about perserverence through obstacles and how music helped save your lives, it made me think of my friend. He and I are really big fans of a wide genre of music and while I don’t have the voice to sing, despite being an actor, nor the dexterity to play an instrument, he and I still talk music all the time and I support him all the way and even work security and roadie for him whenever I get the chance. Keep up the amazing work guys and keep your chin up because what I learned is that when you let that darkness overwhelm you, you are actually letting them win and we all are better then that. Keep on rocking and i look forward to hearing what you all put out. Maybe we’ll see each other some day when I’m on the road with my best friend Ryan Moss.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Chris, that’s amazing that you can relate so directly to some of what we’ve dealt with. Music really does bring you back from the brink – I’m glad your friend found that out the same way we did.

  • James says:

    Great music,keep up the great job and you definitely have a fan here.Some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time,you guys are great and love the music.

  • Ryan says:

    Beautiful story all of you, as I’ve endured all of hell’s fury earth has to offer I find comfort in your stories, I too enjoy music when emotions get the best of me Nightwish has always been one of the bands I loved because of their unique sound and presence you are amazing musicians I hope to hear more from you guys!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much Ryan! We’re looking forward to sharing more music with you =) I’m glad you can find comfort in our story – that means the world to us.

  • Stewart says:

    Throughout all the struggles in life i am glad to see music can inspire to change how one feels about themselves. As well as having the right friends help out can be key to happiness.
    I use power metal, symphonic, as a way of finding my inner peace. I as well have a ptsd issue as someone from my past liked to use me as a pinata. I enjoy the songs and look forward to hearing more.
    Use your story to guide others to the light.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Really glad you enjoy what you’ve heard Stewart =) I’m sorry to hear you’ve had your own struggles, but I think it’s amazing that you’ve been able to use music to get you through it.

  • Daniel says:

    Hey Kevin, Thanks for the songs and the links to your music. I love Dream Therater and Nightwish. I think I just found another to add to my list. Seems you and I suffer from the same beast. I am in control of my self now and love music. Are you all going on a tour and where are you located? Hope to see you soon.

  • Frank Boston says:

    Hey guys, I just discovered you thanks to Facebook. My sons and I have been avid fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation for years, and have seen them both in concert. We’ve also enjoyed Epica, Nemesea, and others. I’ve listened to a handful of your tracks, and downloaded the ones you emailed me. I’m very impressed! It’s great to see a new symphonic metal group, and you have a great sound. If you ever get to Michigan I’d love to see you in concert.

    I (with some friends) started a community theatre group four years ago, and I know how hard it is to constantly promote yourself and try to build a fan base. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Frank – thanks so much! We’re all really happy you like what you’ve heard 🙂 We actually have friends who regularly tour Michigan – maybe you’ve heard of a band called Salvation’s End? We’ll probably be joining them on one of their tours at some point 🙂

  • Ken Dunsmuir says:

    Hi guys. Your link came through Facebook and as I’m partial to Symphonic Metal checked you guys out……………WOW superb. Going to investigate bit more and see what I can purchase of yours(not a streaming guy) am from old school of buying music to support bands grow and develop. Love the music.

  • Paul Painting says:

    Hi Kevin I love symphonic metal and you are most definitely up there with epica if not better. As I’m from the UK all symphonic metal is based either in Europe or America. I have your album stillborn reflection and love it so much I walk around with it on full volume in my headphones

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Paul,

      Wow, it’s incredibly flattering to be compared to a band as legendary as Epica – thank you so much! It’s still so surreal for us to hear our music even mentioned in the same sentence as those bands we love so much.

  • Del says:

    I LOVE Nightwish, especially Floor on vocals ( saw them in Manchester Tuesday night ) but you guys are close, very close but with enough subtle differences to my metake notice ans I am liking what I’m hearing…Good vocals, really nice defined lead guitar and great driving rhythm… The free tracks are great and are now proudly ensconced in my music collection. My wife ( who is also a Rock and what we call Celtic Metal fan ) enjoyed listening to them Well done indeed.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much Del! That’s absolutely amazing to hear that you think so highly of our music. Seriously, it truly means the world to us.

  • Robert Marshall says:

    HI . I’ve been Nightwish and Within Temptation fan for many years and am looking forward to listening to your music . I like lot symphonic music . Merry Christmas too you all

  • John says:

    I’ve been to see both epica and within temptation at glasgow Scotland this year,and after listening to your music downloads from Facebook and reading your story. I would put you guys up there with them.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Wow, thanks so much John! We really appreciate you taking the time to check out our music and this story 🙂 I’ve seen Nightwish and Epica live – both are incredible live acts – but I’ve never seen Within Temptation. Did you enjoy them?

  • Michael Labor says:

    I just got introduced to your band through a facebook suggestion because I like other bands of the genre. I like the songs I’ve heard and will be looking for more.

  • Terry Augar says:

    Hey Kev !
    just a line to say thanks to the band opening up about their private lives.It`s amazing how resilient we humans can be, to overcome such hardships, coincidence ??? I don`t believe so, God has brought you together for a higher purpose my brother!!
    My story is of a similar nature to all of you`s!!
    I too was not so popular at school….And found consolation through music,
    I explored all genres and found most music has hidden depths of emotion to cover everything from sadness to elated joy!! But my biggest discovery was finding Jesus and accepting his graceful free gift of eternal life & joy!! well told stories make you all superhuman Celtic heroes…When i fell ill with a major heart defect my family deserted me, after 14 years of a sound & happy marriage my wife up and left with my 3 children when i was in hospital, never to be seen again…but thank The Lord I still had music !!! cheers to you all & God Bless each member to go from strength to strength…………Amen

  • Ian Hall says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for telling this story. I do very much like your music, even though I have become jaded with the while Symphonic Metal thing recently. You offer something different and original – a difficult thing to achieve in this crowded genre. I love both Adrienne’s vocals and Louisa’s bass, so it’s great to see that you as a band have developed and nurtured both their talents. Of course, both you guitarists equal them in ability, too. The whole story of how you overcame these challenges is so cool. I’ll be buying the album on the 25th (payday) 😊🤘

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Ian,

      Thanks so much for reading and especially for giving the music a chance! We try really hard to bring a unique twist to symphonic metal, and it’s incredibly encouraging to hear that you feel we succeeded 🙂

  • Trish says:

    Music is a very powerful tool and I’m so glad to read that you guys have come out the other side together, as a result. I love Nightwish/Within Temptation and that whole sound and now I add you guys to the list! Good luck with your life, live and music! Take care and keep smiling 🙂

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much Trish! Really glad you’re enjoying the music, and we really appreciate you taking the time to read this 🙂

  • Bob Leclaire says:

    I believe things happen for a reason.
    This band was destine to be together. Their strenght , deremination to make this work and share with all their fans their passion for music.
    That’s what this band is… A family

    Keep on recording amazing music.

    Mute Prophet 4 Life

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Bob,

      That’s incredibly flattering, thank you so much 🙂 We like to think our lives couldn’t have unfolded in any other way. None of us can imagine doing anything other than what we’re all doing right now.

  • alan says:

    great to see more symphonic metal from across the pond i recently discovered ‘oceans of slumber’ like your music a lot didn’t notice you had no drummer,i’ve been into metal my whole life love going to gigs seen most of the big bands sabbath,rainbow acdc delain within temptation but the best was nightwish and arch enemy at wembley floor and alissa on the same bill heaven sorry i go on a bit at 73 i’ve not got a lot to do just my music cheers for the free tracks hope to get your albumn next payday keep up the good music best wishes Alan

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Alan,

      Thanks so much! Really glad you’re enjoying the free tracks 🙂 That must have been amazing seeing Nightwish and Arch Enemy at Wembley!

  • Lee Montgomery says:

    From such a sad start to your lives,you have gained strength not only from each other but from the music you produce.I have listened to it and liked it you use symphonic metal as your guide,but you are developing your own sound.Your lyrics and playing style are developing and in time hopefully if you stay together you will stand by the side by side with the symphonic bands you mention.I have mentioned you to a few friends over here in England and they agree,keep safe and happy guys as the world .is your oyster

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Lee,

      That’s unbelievably flattering 🙂 Thank you so much for saying all that, it means the world to us. Thanks for being part of this journey with us.

  • Mike Sallee says:

    That’s quite a story. I haven’t listened yet but I will soon. I really love the pure talent that comes out of European and Scandinavian countries. So much heartfelt melodies and depth to the music. I recently became a Nightwish fan and caught the decades tour in Portland Oregon. I’ve been a big fan of progressive rock for years. Dream Theater, Symphony X, Yes, Rush, Stratovarious etc. I’m really digging the symphonic metal sound too. So glad somebody from the USA is leaning towards this genre. We need it to grow here fast! Sometimes the common American speedy rock that everyone’s accustomed to gets monotonous…lol! I’ll check you guys out and congrats!😎

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      I LOVED the Decades tour! It was so nostalgic. Maybe it’s narcissistic, but I really hope we can breathe some life into the symphonic metal scene in the US =)

  • Keith Clarkson says:

    O.M.G.!! I suffer from depression (attempted suicide 3 times last year) with my wife s youngest daughter being the rocks to lean on. I’ve always been into my music and of late have taken more interest in new bands. Within Temptation is my favourite at the minute but also Delain and Nightwish plus others. New bands I have recently discovered are Devilskin, Fallen Mafia (to play this weekend at the first Stonedeaf this weekend in England) and now your band – Mute Prophet. I hope the future treats you all well and let the music play🤘

  • andy goodfellow says:

    Hey Kevin. Firstly, thanks for the free songs! Honestly, I loved them. There is not many bands out there willing to give away there music like that. Plus, it is unusual for symphonic metal bands to come from North America, let alone the mid west. Personally I like Oceans of Slumber, from Texas and Unleash the Archers from Canada, as well as the usual European bands. Sounds like you guys have had a tough time, and like many of us found great strength and courage in music. Been there myself, depression, severe anxiety. Found out couple of years ago I wasn’t completely mad as I am autistic, diagnosed at 45! I fell through the net as it were, things are getting better now, got my wife, my dog my music and my art. Anyway, enough about me, keep up the amazing work guys, I for one love what you are doing, and you have reached a guy in a small village in the middle of England! Peace and love to you all, keep it Metal!!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Hey Andy,

      Honestly, it seems like giving away a few songs is the best possible way for a new band to get to know people these days!

      I hadn’t heard of Oceans of Slumber – I’ll have to look into them.

      Really glad to hear that things are looking up for you as well – and be sure to keep it Metal yourself! =)

      • andy goodfellow says:

        hey Kevin, Thanks for the quick reply! Well giving away your music for free does work, purchased your 2nd album! Looking forward to receiving that. Oceans of Slumber just toured the UK with Epica. Afraid I didn’t make the shows, I get a too panicky in crowds these days, though I did make it to see Maiden last year, superb. I suppose keep it symphonic may be more appropriate.

        • Kevin Goetz says:

          That’s so cool! I would have loved to see Iron Maiden in concert, but they never tour around here. We’ve seen both Epica and Nightwish a couple times though, with the highlight being Nightwish’s recent Decades tour. That was amazing.

  • Howard says:

    Truly there is talent in Mute Prophet. But because I have kinda strict tastes when I choose my music I cant really get into this simply due to the growling singing. Im simply not into it especial from a female singer. The only singer I’ll tolerate growling is Burton Bell and its not a common feature in his singing. That being said I still feel there is talent in the band. The only thing I would say is hopefully you get some good producer to help polish your sound and arrangement.

  • Ryan Mcgrew says:

    I love the mixing elements in the music y’all are writing! I got into the genre right around middle school with Dragonforce being the first power metal band I had heard. Nightwish soon followed and it’s a shame that hardly anyone knew who or the type of music I listen to. I’m glad there’s others out there that know of this great music. Y’all keep up the good work!

  • Alan Francis says:

    I am from the UK and I am really into all sorts of Symphonic metal music. I must congratulate you on your excellent songs (Only heard the 3 at the moment). I came across you by chance and very glad I did the tracks ‘Limits of Myself’ & ‘As you fall’ are very impressive. I must say Adrienne has a great range of vocal tones. I will definitely will be purchasing the full album. I have already told a few of my friends about the group and the Download. Enjoyed watching the video’s as well. Hope you will be adding a drummer at some stage to complete you line up. I would certainly highly recommend this album. Will there be any physical copies in due course? I prefer to have the CD.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much! We do have physical CDs coming soon 🙂 Not sure about a drummer currently – keeping drums on the backing track with the orchestra when we play live gives us a ridiculously clear, powerful sound that (some say) you just can’t get with a real drum set blaring away at the back of the stage. But we’re definitely open to adding drums, if someone fits into the group in the right way.

  • Dustin Spencer-L'Heureux says:

    I am loving the sound. When I saw a little thing pop up on Facebook advertising Symphonic metal, I was intrigued. I am a huge fan of bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Delain and Sirenia. My spouse is as well.
    Well, I was thrilled with the sound, especially given that you guys are from the Midwest and a common complaint of ours is that the symphonic metal style is not popular over here in the States and that we wish it were more popular.
    Happy to be a fan guys!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      You’re too kind – thanks so much for commenting! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the music. It really is a tragedy that symphonic metal seems so unpopular here, though. Who knows – maybe one day we’ll be big enough to change that! Doesn’t hurt to hope, right? 🙂

  • Joel Johnson says:

    Since I’m actually from Finland I can safely say that you have an remarkable talent when it comes to playing symphonic metal.I recognised the music and its influences immidiatly. You said that you welcomed thoughts on you music.
    My only comment is that your influences really show in a way that can become a little chaotic sometimes.Like sometimes I’m not sure where the song is going. But it always takes time to develop your sound (Nightwish started out as a camping band after all) but I’m sure that you guys will pull it off. After all, not everybody has the guts to try writing this kind of metal. In the meantime I’ll continue listening to your music and watch your development with interest. I’m happy to have heard about you. Stay heavy😎

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much! I agree that we could have blended things better in a couple areas – I think you’ll find our upcoming second album addresses that issue nicely.

  • Simon Gagné says:

    Hello fellow symphonic metal fan,

    First of all, congrats !!! Your songs sound sharp, passionate and driven. From the very begginning of my High school years(1997), I was a Metal fan. To be more precise, I was a Power Metal fan. Rhapsody, stratovarius, hammerfall and of course Nightwish. Maybe it is because I’m from the french part of Canada, but I always fell more close to european genre that what most of the youth here were listenning at the time : MTV pop and rap music. But now, I have the chance to have a great metal scene near Montréal that can attract a lot of awesome band, I hope yours one day. Your story made you into very talented artist, thanks for sharing it, good chance on your journey.

  • Grayson says:

    Hey guys. As a fellow Midwesterner I understand how little we know about the Scandanavian metal scene. You’d think with our high German population there would at least be a few people growing up that listened to Rammstein. I was that odd kid growing up, same age as you guys, that listened to it all. I appreciate the music you are making and the sound is very good, and I wish there were more people in the great white North that listened to this great genre. Keep it up guys! Sorry your first comment is such a long one.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      No need to apologize! We’re glad to hear from you 🙂 It’s cool that you can personally relates to the scarcity of people around here who appreciate symphonic metal.

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