A Worthwhile Struggle

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It’s hard to explain the feeling of being on stage, playing your heart out to a packed room. Feeling the bass rumbling beneath your feet, the transcendent interplay of vocals soaring above a wall of guitars and orchestra. There’s an otherworldly force, a current of energy that flows between the band and the audience and lets us all become something greater than ourselves

Magic is made real by music. And it’s crazy to think how much things have changed.

See, it really hasn’t been that long since “Mute Prophet” was just me and my best friend Chris, hanging out in my room and playing guitar together.

In 2009, we were the typical introverted high school nerds, struggling with anxiety and depression. We wanted to turn those issues into something productive, so we turned to the never-ending-pursuit of faster shredding and heavier riffing.

Of course, the bands we listened to helped quite a bit with our emotional wellbeing too. Nightwish’s themes about finding beauty and inspiration in tragedy. Epica’s philosophies on personal responsibility and creating your own reality. Children of Bodom’s straight-up “fuck you” attitude in the face of adversity.

Surrounded by that amazing music, our lives didn’t feel quite so hopeless – maybe you can relate?

When Adrienne joined us in 2014, that therapeutic hobby began to feel more like a call to destiny.

It was under some pretty dark circumstances. Namely, her ex-boyfriend literally tried to kill her. The guy beat her to within an inch of her life and raped her. And understandably, it left her with some pretty crippling PTSD.

I suggested that since guitar had helped me and Chris so much, maybe she ought to try singing some of our music.

Holy shit.

She was perfect! I’d been friends with this girl for years, and I had no idea she was hiding this incredible voice. Chris and I exchanged these dumbfounded looks and agreed right then and there that we couldn’t imagine anyone else singing with us.

Finally we had a singer! Chris and I had been experimenting with recording for years, we’d gotten pretty good at recording guitars and programming drums and orchestrations. So here, at last, was the missing piece!

“We need to make an album.”

But we didn’t want to just be another generic symphonic metal band. We wanted to do something that no one else had done.

We started with the aforementioned influences of Nightwish, Epica and Bodom. With Adrienne’s ability to growl, we also picked up kind of an Arch Enemy vibe. Chris and I also decided to have solo duels, like Dragonforce.

But the thing that truly let us be satisfied with our sound, was the influence of modern prog and djent. The crazy riffs and rhythms, 8-finger tapping, polymeters…it was something that literally no one had ever combined with Nightwish-inspired symphonic metal before, and as far as I know, we’re still the only ones.

Thus, in winter of 2016, “The Unheard Warning” was born. A concept album, in fact, about overcoming adversity, healing wounds, and confronting the repressed shadow within everyone. In a world full of increasingly depressed, hopeless, nihilistic and cynical people, we wanted to put some hope out there!

We were extremely inspired by the works of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst. His “archetypes theory” bridged psychology with religion, myth and the occult, and provided a truly accessible way for a bunch of mentally-fucked-up metal musicians to actually heal ourselves and change the course of our lives.

Together with our bassist Louisa, who joined shortly after the album was released, the four of us have become like a family, united by a desire to overcome hardship and create something amazing from it. And by far the most important part of it all is YOU, the listener, who makes it all matter.

Everything we do, the essential other half of it all, is sharing it with people like you. And without you, our story and our music are without meaning.

If you want to experience the latest milestones in this journey, click here to check out our latest album Quietus of Autumn.

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  • kevin says:

    Great story! Keep making the great music, sny plans for a dvd?

  • Ben Kiser says:

    Great to hear a story like this. Music is more than sound, it can bring out emotions as great as anything which can have both mental and physical benefits.

  • Colin says:

    Music is such a beautiful and powerful thing it saved my life I’m glad that you’ve all made it through your struggles cause what you’ve created together is awesome! 🤘

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