A Worthwhile Struggle

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Hey, Kevin here! I’m a guitar teacher, Youtuber, psychology major, part-time pro gamer, full-time musician, and the founding member of Mute Prophet.

I’ve been living and breathing this band since 2009, and in that time, the reception people have had for us has been…wildly varied. One review on our Facebook page describes us as “fantastic vocals, awesome music, amazing people.” Another says “Kill them wipe out their music so nobody has to listen to this garbage.”

Some love us, some hate us – such is life, right? But my life begins and ends with Mute Prophet. This band is my family, and being a part of this controversial group has made me who I am today.

I didn’t actually know what “living” was before being on stage, playing my heart out to a packed room. Feeling the bass rumbling in my bones, basking in the transcendent interplay of Adrienne’s vocals soaring above a wall of guitars and orchestra. There’s an otherworldly force, a current of energy that flows between the band and the audience and lets us all become something greater than ourselves.

Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology, said that “no tree can grow to heaven unless its roots stretch all the way to hell.” And it’s true – none of our successes would have ever happened, if not for the suffering that came first.

But in a way, this story’s actually about you –  let me back up a bit…

As a young musician growing up in the early 2000s, I was completely directionless. I actually first started playing guitar as a required class in high school, and didn’t care about it at all. I only practiced to make sure I got a passing grade – otherwise I would only spend my free time playing videogames.

But ironically, that same obsession with videogames made me fall in love with guitar! I found a fan-made music video on Youtube, combining clips of Final Fantasy 8 with Nightwish’s The Kinslayer. It was my first exposure to metal, and it was instantly the most fascinating music I’d ever heard!

From that day on, I was completely addicted to metal. I devoured Nightwish’s discography, then discovered Shade Empire, Children of Bodom, Epica, Dragonforce…and then of course the classics – Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica, etc.

I started learning to play these bands’ music on guitar, and before I knew it, I was writing my own too. It was a crazy fusion of all the bands I just mentioned, and more. By this time I’d started college, and I would sometimes get so enthralled in songwriting that I’d literally forget to go to class.

In 2014, my best friend Adrienne joined us, under some extremely dark circumstances.

Her ex-boyfriend literally tried to kill her – beating her so severely that she was hospitalized – and it left her with crippling PTSD. That’s a story for another time, but to make a long story short, it turned out that singing was the only thing that helped her feel better.

I’d been friends with this girl for years, and I had no idea she was hiding this incredible voice. We’d long since exhausted the short list of local female singers who were interested in symphonic metal and also willing to pursue music as a career, but finding Adrienne, we knew this was meant to be.

Fast-forward to today and we have three albums, several tours, international radio play, and we’re actually fortunate enough to do this full-time!

Like I said, no tree can grow to heaven without roots that reach all the way down to hell. We’ve all had our struggles, and the four of us have become like a family, united by a desire to overcome hardship and create something amazing from it. And by far the most important part of it all is YOU, the listener, who makes it all matter.

I hope that now at the end of this (my first ever personal blog entry…yeah – for real!) you might take just one minute to add your thoughts or a comment below – we’d really appreciate hearing what you think of our music, this story, and what we should be sharing with you in the blogs to come! Perhaps you think of us as “that cool symphonic metal band with the crazy guitars,” or maybe you know us as “those losers who only have fans because their singer’s tits are bigger than her head” (I’m not joking, both of those are real comments we’ve seen 😂), but either way, Mute Prophet owes its continued existence to listeners like you who take a chance on a random Facebook ad, and we’d love to hear from you!



  • Richard Hiatt says:

    I love the music!!I am a metal head from way back with metallic as my #1favorite band so I know from what I speak.keep it up guys and gals you gonna have new fans outa the yingyang

  • kevin says:

    Great story! Keep making the great music, sny plans for a dvd?

  • Ben Kiser says:

    Great to hear a story like this. Music is more than sound, it can bring out emotions as great as anything which can have both mental and physical benefits.

  • Colin says:

    Music is such a beautiful and powerful thing it saved my life I’m glad that you’ve all made it through your struggles cause what you’ve created together is awesome! 🤘

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