Adrienne Odenthal: Lead Vocals, Growls, Keyboards, Orchestrations, Lyrics

Kevin Goetz: Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Orchestrations, Male Vocals

Louisa Rix: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chris Tompkins: Rhythm Guitar, Drums

Mute Prophet has been writing and performing their unique, prog-infused version of symphonic metal for over a decade. From humble beginnings as two childhood friends’ after-school project, their music has gone on to be played on the radio in the UK, Germany and Japan. They’ve been featured in metal magazines around the world, and they’ve amassed a tremendous global audience without the aid of a record label.

Driven by back-against-the-wall dedication to their craft, this band of self-taught musicians have arisen to be hailed by the UK’s famous Powerplay Magazine as “one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands.”

“We take great pride in our complete independence as a band,” says founder Kevin Goetz. “We do EVERYTHING ourselves. Recording, mixing, mastering, promotion, management, tour planning, advertising…all of it.”

“Social media’s really been a game-changer,” adds co-founder Chris Tompkins. “If you would have told me when we started out, that one day we’d have people buying our music in Japan, I would have called you a liar. But it’s like…if you learn how to really leverage those tools, there are more doors open than ever.”

Such optimism is reflected in Mute Prophet’s lyrics, often speculating on the seemingly limitless potential of human achievement, though it’s contrasted by a scathing cynicism and their frequently dark arrangements.

“People can achieve anything. Literally anything – that’s not necessarily a good thing,” explains vocalist Adrienne Odenthal. “You could be a saint, or a psychopath, and I think it’s fascinating that humanity can be so good and so evil in its extremes. So while I like to celebrate the good we can do, I’ve also known a lot of horrible people.”

Mute Prophet released “The Unheard Warning” in 2016, “Stillborn Reflection” in 2018, “Quietus of Autumn” in 2019, and as of 2020, are releasing new songs directly to their community on Patreon in advance of their next album.