Left to Right: Kevin Goetz, Louisa Rix, Adrienne Odenthal, Chris Tompkins

As a reviewer from Powerplay Magazine put it, “Mute Prophet has emerged as one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands,” boasting a sound born of a veneration for the soundscapes of European symphonic metal and infused with an intense “guitar-first” songwriting approach.

The band’s sound is the product of numerous and varied influences, pairing bands such as Nightwish, Epica, Delain and Sirenia with the guitar-driven sounds of Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Dragonforce and others. The result is a sound that blends powerful orchestrations, passionate female vocals, and some of the most impressive guitar work to ever hit the female-fronted metal scene.

Mute Prophet is made up of vocalist Adrienne Odenthal, bassist Louisa Rix, and founding members, guitarists Kevin Goetz and Chris Tompkins. The band has released two independent albums – The Unheard Warning in 2016 and Stillborn Reflection in 2018 – and have since begun focusing on growing an international audience on social media.