Quietus of Autumn (2019)


These shallow wounds
Strangled screams, silent grief
Why am I drowning in your pain?
Take one more drop
Why must you leave me on the edge?

Denied a life
Yet denied death
Just enough sustenance to scream for you
My wounds won’t close
Yet my veins won’t drain
Can’t someone save me now or let me fall?

When will the shattered fragments come back to form perception?
Holes in my comprehension
Even in death would linger

My loving monster
Shall we again dance with rapturous death?
Your blade or mine
On this night let one of us take it too far
Take one more drop than I can bleed

When will the shattered fragments…

Despised in adoration
Warm as the last is draining
Longing with all I have to never again awaken

Suicide Sequence

I lie facedown clawing at the walls
Let the wine slip through your fingers, painting over me

Fabricate your perfect lie
From the pieces of my shattered self

Spit in my eyes, laughing as I fall
Infect wounds, dissect psychosis, agony embraced

Screams transform like day to night
Pleasure giving way to endless pain

Calloused veins, hoarse cries
Bring me with you to your demise
I will follow you forever
Singing off-key in your memory
Wed me to your rage and hatred
Passion only in tearing flesh
Blame and guilt I don’t deserve
Will solace ever stop feeling like sin?

What calls me back to the emptiness?
The vast, lonely cavern that once was my home
Back to this place without variance
The paradox helix of pity and hate

What calls me back to subservience?
The place where my sympathy’s taken by force
Back to this cage without sapience
Where my eyes of wisdom are gouged out and blind

Calloused veins, hoarse cries…

Now, my dearest, engage the countdown
Launch the program I must obey
Suicide sequence, my breathless consort
Caress each of my countless flaws

I was held first not by any lover
But the intimate arms of death
Searching for myself, I stare at static
Blood runs cold, walk into the snow

Calloused veins, hoarse cries…

Lost Horizons

I pour my soul into pages never to be read
The plague spread by my pen
My thoughts and feelings were never meant to be consumed
Mistaken for vision
I’ll burn these pages in time, each letter from my soul
The silence is sweeter
Precious cessation of breath, I’m swallowed by the flames
And end with my secrets

Steel needles pierce my eyes, but I swear I shall never cry
Darkness brings these breakthroughs, visions that light only would subdue

Sweet blood streaks down my face and intoxicates me
No more lost horizons, oh how the dark enlightens

Drink from the chalice I hold and you shall have my soul
My most prized possession
Only the worthy can cleanse the filth that rots my core
Or join me envenomed

Steel needles…

Sweet blood streaks down my face and intoxicates me
No more lost horizons, oh how the dark enlightens
Dear flood sweep away all but the path to triumph
Burn, bloom, swallow up despair, leaving only victory

Sweet blood streaks…

My Tribute

Hurt me
Paint me a memory
Hate me
So far beyond my reach
Show me I’m still wanted
Let pain be my tribute

As long as hatred burns I’ll live on in memory
Even your darkest thoughts an intimate love of me
Keep me immortal in your mind, blissfully despised
Dreaming of tearing me to shreds, feed me in your mind

Hurt me…

Burning the brightest, give me all of your pain inside
Faster and deeper down I fall into spiteful eyes

Hurt me…

My Bune
Transform the pain in me
Grant proof
Grant peace in faithless dreams
Break through all my failings
My pain, take my tribute

Never Again

One hand reached to grip my own
The other hid a blade
How easily I bled
Each cut deeper than the last
Yet each with the same pledge
The words “never again”

Spare me all your lies
All your cries for pity

Listen and hear the sting of your own words, love
“Never again” will I give in to you
“Never again” will you be free from the curse of what you’ve done

My wounds took away my voice
And pain held back the truth
But you are far from safe

You will lose it all
Here begins the countdown

Listen and hear…

Go on and make a monster of your victim
Poison the well, put all the blame on me
“Never again” will you know peace even in your sweetest dreams

Stained with my blood, yet you swear that it’s your own
Soon all your wounds will turn from lies to truth

Listen and hear…

Martyr’s Glory

Losing touch
Make yourself a martyr
Play the victim you long to be
Seeking pain
Longing for oppression
Turn yourself against all you see

Making your demands of reality, force it to conform
Scream and cry and beg all the world to foster your new norm
Arrogance your nature, in entitlement you drown
Your delusion rests in a tower of glass, come crashing down!

Brittle walls are rising high
Protect your fragile pride
Cradling your hollow lie
Uniting to divide

Far beyond your grasp is the key to the truth you must perceive
Yours the only voice echoing in your tomb of self-deceit
Caring only for your own, the labels you’ve defined
Turn away the voice of all reason and rot inside your mind!

Losing touch…

Even wolves can cry, your tears sculpt false perception
Every word you sob just a ploy for gain
Sing to me a chorus of worthless deception
Toxic is your speech, spitting acid rain

Losing touch…

How is it that even those who saw me bleeding
Still have turned away to worship your poison tongue?
One last thing you took from me before my escape
Left me with the pain, but you stole my scars

Losing touch…


Given just enough to keep the dream alive, my conflict
Given just enough to keep me willing to endure
This raft made of brittle bones, amidst your sea of sorrow
Circling vultures, peck from me this gift I cannot bear

Vision of myself
Show me what I am without
All my pain
Poison in my gnarled roots

Breaking down
There’s no light beyond this tunnel of my hate
All I am is what I suffer
Dry the tears
Free the spirit bound together with my flesh
Stay awake with me forever

My reward forever out of reach, the gleam in your eyes
My nostalgia for the memory of a fantasy
What would I not give to let my flame burn out forever?
Oh, to know the peace of one who needn’t care to fight

Breaking down…

Vision of myself
Tell me, can I live without
All my rage
Live with no one left to fight

Breaking down…

Into the Ice

Follow me, deep into the cold
Come, forsake what could be done
Let your world slip away, my love
Come, just let it all go numb

Is this real?
Do I truly contemplate my end? Am I now so broken?
Can I heal?
Can I hold out hoping I can mend? Ev’ry gesture, token
Should I stay?
Should I pray in vain that I’ll be free? Cast aside all reason
One more day
One more hopeless night within my cage, living with a monster

Why do I resist such a beautiful ending – what is there to lose in defeat?
I want nothing more than to close down and surrender, let the ice just carry me to sleep

Drifting down
From the inside out I rot and sink into ink-black waters
Without will
Not to save myself or turn away, I can fight no longer
Guiding light
Please inspire but what final song, then let peace consume me
Silent sigh
Of a last breath held for far too long, give release, fulfill me

Why do I resist…

Quietus of Autumn

Seal your decay, in the tide of lies you suffocate
Swallow a star, choking on the flames, degenerate

Nail yourself to the cross, exalted martyr
Exhaust all of my pity
Sewing shut the songbird’s mouth, enslaving prophets
Yet still playing the victim

Personify all the flaws within you that you hate
Bring them to life in the twisted world that you create

Kill me trying to save your life
See me shining like the sun and know you’ll never be my moon
Feel me prying into your twisted mind
See me shining while you go up in flames

Watch your power dwindle
All you had burning down to ash
Now unkindled, your passion dies
The demon overtakes the guise of your dead angel

Kill me trying…

My voice follows you wherever you go
Laughing at the ones inside your head
Did you walk away with all you wanted?
I still taunt you from beneath your bed
Scared and cowering without your white knights
General with no army to command
Bring them all beneath your lying banner
Can’t you hit me with your own weak hand?

I dare you to hit me just once
One punch you throw yourself
Let’s see you show some courage for a change
See how strong you are when you fight your own battles
Enter my world alone
Come face me and we’ll put you to the test
I will tear you apart
Taunt you as you fall
“Isn’t it funny how the rabbits scream like children?”

Tell me your legend of divine metamorphosis
Your twisted stage on which you play out your fears
Gods entombed in the earth, the world a necropolis
Can you smell them rotting underneath your feet?
Each word you write just takes you further from reality
Growing delusions, bringing forth your own hell
All the rancid thoughts that you refuse to be conscious of
Find their own way out and reveal your core

Kill me trying…

Between Love and Fear

I am the canvas you’re painting
Your masterpiece of cruelest intentions
My scars the proof of your passion
I’m battered and beaten an inch from the edge

Bound tight in chains between love and fear
Better to endure than turn away from you
So deep the pain, yet it’s pain I know
Freedom far from worth the risk of finding worse

I am the martyr, your savior
To comfort you, I must let you break me
Lovingly I’ll bear your cruelty
Through tears I’ll still smile as you rip me apart

Bound tight in chains…

Slow but sincere, you’ll take my life
Control so fleeting, here at least I choose my end
Yet there’s no silencing this voice
The silent scream to trust for once in my own strength

From the instant of birth, I was shackled
One abuse to the next, all I’ve known
No more reason to see good in evil
No more truth in the lie that you’ll change
And the cycle breaks

As my eyes close comes sincerity
A fearlessness that breaks what’s conditioned
This is the truth, this is clarity
I won’t be deprived, won’t shun all I deserve

No longer chained between love and fear
Finally I make the choice to save myself
My eyes at last see beyond your haze
As I rise, you’ll fall into a hell that I’ll create

Beneath the Waters

Reach out your hand to the withering branches
Mourning by name each of their fallen leaves

Can you feel
Each frozen teardrop?

Fail now to see through the fast-falling night shroud
Life but a dream from which you cannot wake

Can you feel
Ambition failing?

Search through your heart, through the deepest of all its memories
Feel your anguish
Tear it apart, let it all sink beneath the waters
Fall to pieces

Gaze reverently at the beauty of darkness
Pitch-black infinity empty in scope

Can you feel
Pain drag you under?

See now the vacuum, the absence of starlight
Each of your dreamscapes devoid of all life

Can you feel
Perception open?

Search through your heart…


Unchain myself, now decode all embraced illusion
Embrace my hell, I reclaim myself free of your countless scars

Serpent ascending
Released from thy prison
Arise Leviathan, bring forth the purging flood
Lilith descending
The kiss of thy wisdom
The wings that take me beyond victimhood

My eyes unbound, I behold all inverted wisdom
This truth I’ve found, my potential exceeds all you’ll ever know

Serpent ascending…

Traverse inner halls
Find in the shadows a truth yet untold
Taste the fruit and fall
Sink through the starlight, the void and the cold

Take in silver light
Growing the pressure, expanding my mind
Helix strands unwind
Stand and submit as it draws you inside

Deep within, the answers here I find
Returning to perfection
Guided to the place where I can rise
A hell of my invention

“Waste no more time as a slave to occurrence
Take the crown, break all the laws that contained you
Cast off the burden of fate, be reborn free
Freed from the shackles of choices made for you”

Close off my empathy and open the cage
Give me the blessing of a selfish mind
Consideration be replaced by disdain
Caring for only those who earn the right

Serpent ascending…

Stillborn Reflection (2018)

The Fading Flame

Ashes and snow converging
In freezing rain, the fallen
Bare skin my moonlit canvas
Path mapped on pain and sorrow

Sinking down deep in the reverie of dreams awake
Drinking the wine of the fantasy I seek to slake

Deep beneath the ice burns the flame of my devotion
Just outside my grasp, all I’m reaching for
Will the flowers wilt, will the flames consume the ocean
Of the memories I so long to see return

Bearing my flesh to judgment
Behold my scars, my guidance
Four, six and one, my secret
Back to the start, the circle

Clawing my way from the shallow grave you dug for me
Snarling lust to consume the fragments in my dreams

Deep beneath the ice…


Cry out, O Hollow, while knowing not why you weep
Carelessly crafting an effigy of defeat
Nothing is real, no conviction behind your words
Cover your ears, let the truth be again unheard

Bend your knees
Cuckolded and silenced
Everything for nothing
Helplessness restrains you
Priviledges of burden

Here in dejection, the only sound
Your echoed voice
The mask of virtue will rot your eyes
Forever blind

You’ve imagined a monarch holding you back
Nihilism safer than hope
Drink the terror they peddle, poison yourself
Listen and believe, hate your birth

Here in dejection, the only sound
Your echoed voice
The mask of virtue will rot your eyes
Forever blind
Suckle the milk of their victimhood
Live just to serve
Your mask of virtue your only worth
The act you play


Martyr yourself for the cause of the day
Death is the price for a memory
Life without prospect you traded for fame
Kindling forever the flames of their hate

You are the excuse that set all of this in motion
Chose to pull the trigger with a hand that held no gun
Rising in the fire of their vitriolic justice
Oppression the new currency, the outcasts now the kings

Become the hammer, taken to ivory
Become the hammer, chipping the marble
Rise, Obsidian
Sightless, hearing only echoes
Surrender discourse, silence contention
Spreading delusion your only weapon
Rise, Obsidian
Deaf to every voice but your own

World in flames, yet you smile and laugh
Burning it down, setting fire to stone
Words met with violence and grief met with hate
Melting the chains of control and restraint

Hollow ring the cries of your revolution
Finding but an effigy you built

Become the hammer, taken to ivory…

Hold up the excuse that set all of this in motion
All that you have left to hide your vacuous deceit
Burning in the fire of your vitriolic justice
Tarnishing your currency, you’ve wasted all you had

Become the hammer, taken to ivory…


Who has felt the rush of bridges burning under amber skies?
Who has felt the sorrow turn to rage on a moonlit night?

All we are, the quintessence awoken
Recoking from the darkened path
Decadent in the feast of desire
Dreaming gods slumbering no more

Who has felt the touch of roses flushed mauve with coursing blood?
Can you feel regret give way to vengeance, the rising flood?

All we are…

Reverie of ghosts, in our grand fulfillment
Join in our excess and our ecstasy
Galaxies conducted in endless pirouettes
A silver star burns in darkest void

All we are…

Surrender’s Kiss

Undeserved, each tear I shed
Each drop of scorn I drink
Pride at war with giving in
Peace in surrender’s kiss

Relinquished, all of my passions
Unheard, my songs but lies

Verse nor rhyme can right this wrong
Beats of a broken heart
Word nor note can save this soul
Slumber at last

Relinquished, all of my passions
Unheard, my songs but lies
Extinguished, all of the candles
No hand will bring me home

In death I’ll bring you joy
Triumph in my defeat
Tears cried dry by the mask that I wear, not me
Nothing left but the act and the agony


Pleasures of the Blade

My strength, my weapons, the sword and the flame
Tools of the trade for this war on myself
This bloody battle the fight just to feel
Numbness recede as I wake from the haze

My gifts, my purpose, the touch of my flesh
Ravage me, use me, I offer myself
I’ll slake your thirst if you just hear my song
Rising and bringing us out of the haze

Crying for but one
One moment when I’m truly living
All I need is one
One instant when I know the difference
Between pleasures of the bed and pleasures of the blade
Both seeming equal in their sweetness and seduction
Both leave me sprinting to my grave

Licentious display the price of fame
Ravenous, consuming all restraint

Crying for but one…

Primrose path I chose to follow
Witless words that shame the sharpest knives

Crying for but one…


Overturned the stones, a desolate portrait
Dusk-held my scenery
Autumn without color, snow without footprints
Transient memory

Roll the bones
Show me my downfall

Fading from view, mirrored eyes eclipsed by dsitance
Here I shall stay, tend the graves of my fulfillment

Overgrown the weeds, they strangle the beauty
Starving the roses

Would that I
Could be among them

Fading from view, mirrored eyes eclipsed by dsitance
Here I shall stay, tend the graves of my fulfillment
Longing to dream, there at least I have remembrance
Ageless my hearth, dead to time, alive in memory


Gaze into my grieving eyes
Come join me in my cage

Come see my canvas, my pain
The boiling blood in me

The taste of my fruit, the seal of our fates

Reaching out to her was my worst mistake
My Eve, tragedienne, forever playing victim
So sure I was I could light her way
My Eve, my triumph and my failure

Knowledge tasted by us both
And both of us condemned

Come gather, mocking my shame
My weakness and disdain

The taste of my fruit, the seal of our fates

Reaching out to her…


Come into your sacred crown
Freedom from the burden of identity
By the edge of rusted blade
Privileged disposition of an object

Tamed by force, your only comfort ripped away from you
Now they say you’re pure
Never to rebel, a perfect prize

Drowning in blood what was once so pure
Scarring over what the scissors took

Your infection a rite of passage
As you suffer, your soul is saved
By tradition they act, unthinking
Rusted blades leave you ever maimed

Culture is the shield held up to defend their crimes
Tolerance the chains keeping us from daring to condemn

Your infection a rite of passage…

“Please forgive those who held her down on cut her
Deafened by her own screams, the sound of torture”
Mother’s love shown by butchering their daughters
Mutilation the rite by which they’re baptized

Come into your sacred crown…

Your infection a rite of passage…

Stillborn Reflection

I. Blackest Pitch Reflection

Blackest pitch reflection, show your face to me
Sing to me your song, your innermost conceit
Prove me right in all my darkest thoughts at last
All the lies I saw right through, yet lost the path

Fill my cage with water, let me drown, let me sleep
Drag me to the shoreline, let me be swept away

Beaten by the rain, consumed and haunted
Deeper down I fall into my darkness

Let the world erode my will to save myself
Take my shelter, take my comfort, leave my hell

Take me, pull me under, as the waves strike my face
Hold me in surrender, the embrace of the haze

Beaten by the rain, consumed and haunted
Deeper down I fall into my darkness
One by one I mourn the wilted flowers
Fading now, the flame, from time and from mem’ry

II. Stillborn

Sleep, dear sweet stillborn
Blessed with dark unbirth, never knowing life
Be spared the sorrow
Never taste existence and never know the pain that it brings
Dreamlessly slumber
Stay in your abyss, undefiled innocence, evermore

Sleep tight where you are, dream not of what could have been
Warmest sights bring heartbreaking nightmares
Comforting abyss that you never lived to fear
Lungs that never tasted the air

May your ears be deaf to the cries of those who grieve
Sheltered in the peace of the lifeless
Darkness without end, yet no fear of its embrace
Tranquil and serene, without end

III. Rebirth

So cold the shore
Dawnless, untended
Take me away from myself
In my eyes a storm, my gaze like a blizzard
Stand in my shadow and freeze to death
I’ll take your warmth
I’ll take your passion
All I will leave – your bitterness

So hard you tried to suck out the poison, only to drink it yourself
Open my veins, I’ll bleed out my darkness, burning to ash my malice
Thawing at last, the flame reignited, guided not by scars but passion
Crucible past, my triumph, finally an end
An end
A beginning
My rebirth

The Unheard Warning (2016)

Limits of Myself

At the median of pride and charity
In my mind a storm of despondence and anguish
At the breaking point of hope and clarity
Nothing left to lose, now the lie is extinguished

Warm breath on my ear, I hear you whisper the answers
To the questions never asked as blue turns to amber
Darkening the sky I feel you call me to slumber
Calling as the sweetest ocean draws me under

My shattered hope serves now to show the way
Beholding power I had forsaken
Where every drop of blood lost is reclaimed
Burning through the limits of myself

Their cunning whispers fueled my self-deception
Tempting me to don the mask of weakness
My cage destroyed, they’ll pay me back for every word
Preached in their crusade to conquer all I am

My shattered hope serves now to show the way…

As You Fall

In this cold duality, a helix of pain
Mired in condemning comfort
Scorned, yet exalted

Bury me, hate me, spurn me, break me
Carry me, sate me, burn me, take me
Follow me, sink into my darkness
Hollowing, leaving just your carcass

Cutting your ties to morality
Beg to rise above your crimes
Sever your feet so that you won’t stand
On the ground your sins have rotted
Cursing my name, you go to your graves
Trapped inside the demon’s web
Gouge out your eyes so that you won’t see
All my ghosts that bring you to your end

Fear the shadows of my pain
The beast with you in your bed
Hear the lying voice that whispers truth
You’re already dead
Drown in frigid waters
No more shelter to run and hide
Suffer in the deepest way
Submit as you rot inside

Cutting your ties to morality…

Yadid Lilith, Shamem Almah
Lela Qedeshah, Ani Shebach
Qadash Beram, Iqqesh Nephesh
Tamim Toebah, Chabal Oyeb

Eternal Truth, victim turned immortal
Gave up your life when you crossed my path
Infernal fangs tear apart your spirit
Now we consign, as I rise, you fall

Cutting your ties to morality…

For the Blind

Every day, contempt is growing
Putrefaction of the honest mind
What’s written supersedes what’s right
Congregation of enablers
Justify your flaws and numb your shame
Wondering why all you have is pain

I call to you, Poison Blade That Wields Itself
Twelve-Winged Angel
Venom of Hell
Shells that smother holiness, impugning the lies
Slaughter their blindness
Open their eyes

It’s a choice you make to fill your life with travesty
It’s a choice you make to waste away in slavery
It’s a choice you make to wait for something that won’t come
Please just learn how to see

It’s a choice you make to fill your life with travesty…

Words and will, thought becomes creation
Set your wisdom free from its bondage
Unchain passion, release desire
Let your sorrows go
Wake from numbness

It’s a choice you make to fill your life with travesty…

The Bridges You Burn

​Trespass the fortress inside of my mind
All that you care for will be left behind
This is my vengeance, my bliss and my thrall
You sought to gain, now you’re losing it all

Feed me your feeble disdain, your fear and hatred
Give me the rush of the bridges you burn
Kindle the flames with your dreams and your potential
Immolate all that you could have achieved

Erudite knowledge, the absinthe and line
Kiss of the sylph, whispered words anodyne
Blood-darkened roses flushed mauve, opiate
Tanin Steed rising and conquering fate

Feed me your feeble disdain…

Choke on the Smog

Look at the shattered glass
Gaze into the mirror
See your twisted face
Your sunken hollow eyes
The grinding of the gears
Is the only music
Your dead ears can hear
On and on you drudge

Serve your masters
Here forever
Drain your color
Feed their hunger

Choke on the smog
It sustains you
Eighth world wonder mass produced
Stand on the line
Deep in their hive
Work ’til your hands bleed black with oil
You’re a machine
Input output
Lament regrets until you rust
Slave for their dream
Claim your reward
Willingly wasting all you have

I call forth the strength of all I am
Words forgotten echo through the ether
Who are you to tell me I am damned?
My body only burns because my mind is free

Choke on the smog…

Toil at the forge, earn a cage
Plate it with gold, hide your pain
Stare through the bars at your life
Living and dying inside
Nothing conceals your decay
Your mask has rotted away

Choke on the smog…


I wake to another day
The cycle begins again
Can’t leave, but don’t want to stay
Trapped in my discontent

The cold gray winter sky mocks my waning smile

Is it illusion, this thing I reach to find?
The empty shells of grand design
‘Till void is substance, and what I lack is mine
What can I do but fight to remain?

I wade through another night
The fears that deny me sleep
I’ve lost every hope to fight
To someday reclaim my peace

The cold gray winter sky mocks my waning smile

Is it illusion…

Torn between motion and stagnant surrender
Languishing under the chains of this conflict
Sheltering the dying flame of my resolve
Any cost to keep alive these dim embers
All I have, all that I am, I would forfeit
All I want, all that I seek is to burn these chains away

Is it illusion…

To Be Gone

Here I stand holding in a bleeding heart
Here I stand watching vision turn to dark
How my eyes long to close, and yet
Here I stand waging war inside myself
Here I stand fighting to resign myself
All it takes is one single step

What force keeps me fighting what I’ve always wanted?
Why can’t I just let it go?
Why can’t I just let it end?
What do I keep holding onto?

Here I stand wanting only to be gone
Here I stand caring not for anyone
How I long to depart, and yet
Here I stand clinging tighter to it all
Here I stand, though I only wish to fall
All it takes is one final breath

What force keeps me…

Ardor of the Flood

​Once upon a risen moon
I watched the shadows dance enthralled by its light
I let sorrow turn to rage
Familiar anger moist and sweet on my lips

Oh words, grant me release
Tears stain a map on blank pages

Diving into the core
Through the door to deepest comfort
The deluge washing away all but this
The bliss of the rain
The ardor of the flood
The passion that pours from the depths

Pure heart hardened and refined
Rising Leviathan, chaotic swell

Crawl for my lash and my hate
The opium of my favor

Diving into the core…

The Unheard Warning

Look again
And question what you’ve been told
Don’t sink in blind acceptance
Leave the cage
And cure yourself of disease
The cancer of consensus

Zarach Sitra Ahra
Mashal Samael
Ani Shebach Lilith
Yadid Qedeshah

Listen, hear the unheard warning
Learn to shed your weakness
Rescind failure
Take control and build a new creation

Test their words
Read between the broken lines
Find reflected wisdom
In the glass
Inverting what they call the truth
The serpent offers freedom

Anachnu Yaal Qliphoth
Qanah Geburah
Zarach Tanin’iver
Akal Tenuah


Thought and will, words to creation
Bringing substance to the void

I turn sorrow to rage
Anger sweet on my lips

Once a victim, now immortal
As I rise, you sink and fall

Let me bask in the rush
Of the bridges you burn

The questions are answered as the day turns to night
The blue turns to amber as the blind reclaim sight
The mass-produced wonder burning down to the ground
The chains fall away, the fire no longer bound

Plucking the Edenfruit growing in the shadow of paradise
Where no light shines to blind my eyes
Found in night’s embrace
The key to all

Nehemoth to Thamiel
Through every trial empowered
With every foe devoured
Claiming the throne of my own life

Here I stand alone
Bruised yet breathing
Bleeding yet alive
In pain yet whole
Sorrow turns to rage
Regret to vengeance
Learning how to love by learning to hate

Here I stand awake
Eyes unblinded
Seeing through the smog and past the shame
Letting go of all but my potential
The ardor of the flood cleansing the scars and leaving only what I am


I send out my cries
To the other side where sinful passion reigns
How I long to fly
Past the gates revealing holy as profane

Bring me to life
Open my eyes to the truth and the hidden wisdom
Please teach me how to hear you

Immaculate Whore
Ravaged Priestess
See how desperately I call
Lead me to the shore
Baptized in the ocean of your loving thrall

Bring me to life
Open my eyes to the truth and the hidden wisdom
Please teach me how to hear you
Consume my heart
Burn all I am, everything that I call my own
What more is left to offer?

Louder than His screams, Her laughter
At the laws that they built from His corpse
In the end they all will suffer
Never tasting the fruit of Her words:

“What benevolent creator sculpts a thing as flawed as this world?
Rules by abuse and fear?
Damnation truly is the ignorance of all the fire held deep within
The blissful flame that brands you as God

A world sculpted to hide the light within
Hopeless deception
Inverted Truth
Every commandment, enslavement of your core
The lie of scripture
The loss of self

What perfected loving father tortures all his children with death?
Exalts their martyrdom and sorrow?
Every generation prays that theirs will see the world as it burns
Such as the evil they see as good.”

Now I’ve found every answer
I’ve read this language of truth breeding lies
There’s but one true transgression
Inversion of the profane and divine
With my heart now enlightened
The sinful sacrament brings me to life
Sacrificing repression
And casting off my acceptance of hopelessness

Bring me to life…

My shattered hope serves now to show the way
Where every drop of blood lost is reclaimed