Autumn Without Color

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The lyric, “Autumn without color, snow without footprints,” was the foundation of what might be the saddest song I’ve written, “Gravetender.” I legitimately cried a little bit while recording it – you can actually hear my voice break a little on the chorus line “longing to dream, there at least I have remembrance” – and […]

One Moonlit Night

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Sometimes one pivotal moment can change everything.  When I got out of the hospital after that whole ordeal with my ex, my aunt insisted I move back in with her for a little while. Her house is old and kinda falling apart, but it was my childhood home for years after my mother died, so […]

A Tribute to Our Influences

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Recently, we decided to make covers of some of the songs we’ve always loved. We had so much fun doing this, trying to capture the magic of the originals to the best of our ability, that we wanted to share this with our amazing listeners. Hopefully this wasn’t too ambitious – Nightwish songs aren’t exactly […]

A Worthwhile Struggle

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By Kevin Goetz Midwestern America is known for a lot of things, but y’know what it isn’t known for? Metal music. Especially symphonic metal. This crazy dream of playing metal for a living has been the most “against-all-odds” kind of dream, but in the end we actually made it – and along the way I’ve […]

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