Autumn Without Color

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The lyric, “Autumn without color, snow without footprints,” was the foundation of what might be the saddest song I’ve written, “Gravetender.” I legitimately cried a little bit while recording it – you can actually hear my voice break a little on the chorus line “longing to dream, there at least I have remembrance” – and […]

10 Years of Mute Prophet

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It’s been 10 years! Technically the band started in 2009, but our first performance was in 2010. We put together this video compiling all our favorite moments from 2010-2020, and we can’t wait to share it with you! There’s some funny, some sweet, and some incredibly inspirational moments here – you’ll love it.

A Tribute to Our Influences

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Recently, we decided to make covers of some of the songs we’ve always loved. We had so much fun doing this, trying to capture the magic of the originals to the best of our ability, that we wanted to share this with our amazing listeners. Hopefully this wasn’t too ambitious – Nightwish songs aren’t exactly […]

A Worthwhile Struggle

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Hey, Kevin here! I’m a guitar teacher, Youtuber, psychology major, part-time pro gamer, full-time musician, and the founding member of Mute Prophet. I’ve been living and breathing this band since 2009, and in that time, the reception people have had for us has been…wildly varied. One review on our Facebook page describes us as “fantastic […]

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