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…because as a reviewer from Metal Mania said, it’s “a truly unique twist on symphonic metal!”

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A reviewer from Metal Mania said that “Mute Prophet’s 2019 release, Quietus of Autumn, is a truly unique twist on symphonic metal. It combines the emotive melodies and epic orchestrations of bands like Nightwish with complex and technical guitar riffs, shredding solos, and some Alyssa White-Gluz styled growls that, while not over-used, occasionally  push the band firmly into melodic death metal territory. The opera and rock vocals are top-tier as well, and backed by a full symphony and a frenzy of proggy guitars, the result is something we’ve never seen before.”

The UK’s Powerplay Metal Magazine said that “Mute Prophet has emerged as one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands,” and lauded them for “blending that strong European sound with the guitar-led power metal approach from the US.” The result is a blend of emotive melodies, epic orchestrations, impressively complex guitar work, and a soaring soprano who growls as well as she sings, and they’re catching the attention of symphonic metal lovers worldwide!

So order “Quietus of Autumn” now, and experience a hauntingly emotive yet fiercely aggressive twist on symphonic metal!

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Quietus of Autumn MP3 $9.95

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See what fans are saying:

Emma L. Avatar

positive review  Mute Prophet breathes new life into this genre at just the right time! Most of the top symphonic metal bands seem to have abandoned their roots, and this upcoming band stands poised to lead a revolution, delivering some of the most passionate and powerful symphonic metal in years.

Emma L.
Travis S. Avatar

positive review  I’m a big fan of the genre, however you don’t see many groups in this genre from the US. The music is very well written and the recording quality is very good. All of the members are very talented and I feel that the group could hold their own with some of the best in the genre.

Travis S.
Tank M. Avatar

positive review  Passionate female vocals, cinematic orchestrations, emotional soundscapes with a guitar-driven twist that makes this band truly unique.

Tank M.
John B. Avatar

positive review  Great vocal, tight mix lots of feel. tracks as they should, show more detail at each hearing.

John B.
Carissa K. Avatar

In my opinion, this is ESSENTIAL listening for every symphonic metal fan.

Carissa K.
Steven W. Avatar

Some of the best music I have ever heard with amazing sound

Steven W.
Joseph C. Avatar

positive review  Guitar is awesome, vocals are hreat as well

Joseph C.

Quietus of Autumn MP3 $9.95

Quietus of Autumn CD $14.95