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A reviewer from the UK’s Powerplay Metal Magazine said that “Mute Prophet has emerged as one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands,” and lauded them for “blending that strong European sound with the guitar-led power metal approach from the US.” A cross between Nightwish and Children of Bodom, crushing riffs and blazing solos are punctuated by grandiose orchestrations and plaintive keyboards. If you’ve been looking for a new twist on classic symphonic metal, this just might be one of your new favorite bands!

“Quietus of Autumn” is equal parts guitar-driven bombast, emotive orchestral arrangement, and powerful female vocals ranging from opera to rock to even death growls. The album blends cinematic grandeur together with some of the most technical and demanding guitar work to ever hit the female-fronted metal scene. The result? Addictive melodies and impressive musicianship that are catching the attention of symphonic metal lovers worldwide.

“Quietus of Autumn” invites you to a celebration. A celebration of change, of death and rebirth, and ultimately, of triumph. Join us – and here’s to you and your triumph as well!

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