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A reviewer from the UK’s Powerplay Metal Magazine said that “Mute Prophet has emerged as one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands,” and lauded them for “blending that strong European sound with the guitar-led power metal approach from the US.” A cross between Nightwish and Children of Bodom, crushing riffs and blazing solos are punctuated by grandiose orchestrations and plaintive keyboards. If you’ve been looking for a new twist on classic symphonic metal, this just might be one of your new favorite bands!

Mute Prophet’s music is equal parts guitar-driven bombast, emotive orchestral arrangement, and powerful female vocals ranging from opera to rock to even death growls. They blend cinematic grandeur together with some of the most technical and demanding guitar work to ever hit the female-fronted metal scene. The result? Addictive melodies and impressive musicianship that are catching the attention of symphonic metal lovers worldwide.

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Wondering what fans think? Here’s some reviews from our Facebook page:

  • Miika M. Avatar

    The Unheard Warning is absolutely fantastic album with unique style and catchy song structures! Mute Prophet is one of those bands that give the listener that "WOW!"-feeling.

    Miika M.
    Asep P. Avatar

    Nice good, i like you

    Asep P.
    Gary D. Avatar

    Love your grrrawl girl it's fuckin amazing. Respect

    Gary D.
    Richard W. Avatar


    Richard W.
    Steven W. Avatar

    Some of the best music I have ever heard with amazing sound

    Steven W.
    Alan F. Avatar

    An excellent few tracks from the download, impressed with Limits of myself and As you fall will definitely purchase the full album. Great range of vocals by Adrienne. Is this the full line up or are you adding a drummer? This album is a must for your collection, highly recommended

    Alan F.
    Clayton S. Avatar

    Don't sleep on these guys. I know they are up and coming.

    Clayton S.
    Carissa K. Avatar

    In my opinion, this is ESSENTIAL listening for every symphonic metal fan.

    Carissa K.
    Andy M. Avatar

    I love this band. These guys deserve way more publicity. The creativity is nothing short of respectable.

    Andy M.
    Chris F. Avatar

    positive review  Only just discovered this band but I have been very impressed with the tracks I have listened to...I present a regular classic rock show on FM radio over here in the UK and so listen to a lot of rock/metal bands everyday...Let me tell you...Mute Prophet definitely stand out....a quality act with superb vocals, great musicianship and exciting arrangements....if you like classic symphomic/rock/metal (After Forever/Leaves Eyes/Nightwish/Epica etc..) then please give this band a won't be disappointed....will be including a track from them on my next show....😎

    Chris F.
    Walter Y. Avatar

    positive review  "Stillborn Reflection" is part classic Nightwish, part modern Epica, and some of the most impressive guitar work to ever hit the female-fronted metal scene. This upcoming band has created a surprisingly unique twist on symphonic metal.

    Walter Y.
    Tank M. Avatar

    positive review  Passionate female vocals, cinematic orchestrations, emotional soundscapes with a guitar-driven twist that makes this band truly unique.

    Tank M.
    Travis S. Avatar

    positive review  I’m a big fan of the genre, however you don’t see many groups in this genre from the US. The music is very well written and the recording quality is very good. All of the members are very talented and I feel that the group could hold their own with some of the best in the genre.

    Travis S.
    Emma L. Avatar

    positive review  Mute Prophet breathes new life into this genre at just the right time! Most of the top symphonic metal bands seem to have abandoned their roots, and this upcoming band stands poised to lead a revolution, delivering some of the most passionate and powerful symphonic metal in years.

    Emma L.
    Erik G. Avatar

    positive review  I’m a huge fan of this type of metal and so far I enjoyed their songs.

    Erik G.
    Terry A. Avatar

    positive review  the music just gets better & better, glad the dog growl vocal is at a minimum !!! Adriennes voice is the best out there in this genre xxxx

    Terry A.
    John J. Avatar

    positive review  Superb outfit, I’m a new follower, but loving the sound

    John J.
    Roar J. Avatar

    positive review  An amazing band and I love the sound. I love this and it's among the most enjoyable I've heard in years.

    Roar J.
    John B. Avatar

    positive review  Great vocal, tight mix lots of feel. tracks as they should, show more detail at each hearing.

    John B.
    Jean P. Avatar

    positive review  #yeappp ... #SoundsAndLooksGood m/ !!!

    Jean P.
  • Joseph C. Avatar

    positive review  Guitar is awesome, vocals are hreat as well

    Joseph C.
    Steven F. Avatar

    positive review  just listen and you will know true music

    Steven F.

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