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In the following video, you’ll step behind the scenes with an exclusive glimpse into our music-making process. Not gonna lie, a couple of our friends in the music industry have given us some attitude for wanting to share this kind of intimate and close-up view with our amazing friends and fans. But we’re incredibly proud of “Stillborn Reflection,” and we want to share some of the making-of process – and to hell with what the industry says we should do!

After you’ve watched this short video, be sure to leave a quick comment below – let us know what you liked about the clip, or if you yourself are a musician with studio stories, or anything on your mind!



  • Charlie Gordon says:

    You all crack me up. It is great to see bands behind the scenes like this. I love your music as well, it is great to see Symphonic Metal come to the US.

  • Rob Uncapher says:

    Nice to see you all having fun playing. The last band I was in,it got to the point where it was more like work and I got to the point where I actually dreaded going to practice. Love the music and I hope to see you live one day.

  • Rob Uncapher says:

    Nice to see you all having fun. The last band I was in, it got to be more like work and I got to the point where I actually dreaded going to practice. Let me know if you are going to be playing around Cleveland or Lake County. Keep it up, love the music!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks Rob! Yeah, bands can sometimes be a complete nightmare from my past experience. We’re incredibly lucky to get along as well as we do.

  • Don LaFlesh says:

    You metal heads are bad ass.I would love to hang with you guys sometime.Party hard and Rock even harder 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤪🤪☠️☠️

  • John says:

    Have to have fun while making music. Having fun and laughs with friends is key to a good future

  • Michael Labor says:

    I loved the funny stuff. This was great!

  • Hahaha! Huge fun. Hard ass pouty duck faces…harder than they seem!

  • pete oxley says:

    hey good to see you guys & gal’s having some fun,
    rehearsing is a real pain in the ass,
    but its worth it in the end,
    keep on rocking & making great music,

  • Lee Montgomery says:

    Thats what being in a band is all about,fun fuckups and laughs.It keeps you sane while adding to your experiances.

  • Alan Francis says:

    Great to see some of the fun your having during practice etc
    Keep putting these type of vids up really enjoyable to see the other side of the band

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