10 Years of Mute Prophet

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It’s been 10 years! Technically the band started in 2009, but our first performance was in 2010.

We put together this video compiling all our favorite moments from 2010-2020, and we can’t wait to share it with you! There’s some funny, some sweet, and some incredibly inspirational moments here – you’ll love it.


  • Doug Hall says:

    Y’all are pretty good. Who are some of your influences? Mine are Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, SRV, EVH, etc.

  • Jonathan Wray says:

    You know i had to go back and read your story again….and i have to say its had to believe that anyone would want to beat on a beautiful angel of the earth…. And this is coming from the heart not the sight of triple d’s…you are very strong young lady for all of this and a true inspiration to us all…. Got nothing but love for ya. Keep up the good work

  • Jonathan Wray says:

    You all are inspiring …love the music…..keep on kicking ass

  • Brian Isenhart says:

    Loved the video, glad to know all of you still have the passion for music. The music is awesome and I can tell the heart all of you put into making it.

  • Donald L Spurgeon says:

    Outstanding you all rock.Stay tight and keep the music coming.

  • Mark Davis says:

    Great video, nice to see you all have a lovely friendship. Keep up the good rock and keep rockin!!

  • Erik butryn says:

    Loved the video here’s to ten more years of rocking out!!! Don’t stop love the passion of everyone in the band it’s great to see the connection and not a bunch of musicians trying to out play each other like a lot of the bigger bands!!

  • GRIM says:

    You’re totally awesome. Your music is phenomenal. I can’t believe all the bad sh1t you went through and survived. I’m glad you did though. Keep making great music. You’re all wonderful talented people. Stay awesome.

  • Bailous says:

    Wow and to think I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 4. Seeing this video and listening to your music and the stories has inspired me to get back at it. I’ve been through a lot of things and my last incident almost took my life. I’ve started to play again and I have to relearn some things but I’m beginning to feel that joy for the music again. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. It’s powerful and different. Keep it up.

    • Adrienne Odenthal says:

      That’s amazing! Thank you! It means the world to hear that our music has inspired you to get back to music yourself ❤️

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