Studio Shenanigans

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This top-secret video isn’t available publicly on our Youtube channel, only linked here on our website.

One of the things that’s so incredible about being an “online band” like we are is that we can share our music with people we’ve never met, sometimes all the way on the other side of the planet. But one of the unique challenges we face is being able to really communicate who we are and why we do what we do.

With videos like this, we want you to feel like you’re actually stepping into the studio with us, watching over our shoulders as we make the music you hopefully are enjoying. That way you can really get to know us, in a way that blog posts simply can’t convey.

So, enjoy, and here’s to becoming even better friends!

And while we’re at it – here’s a little git for you!

This is our newest cover, a song we play live quite a lot (streamed, of course – the usual venues aren’t letting us play in-person at the moment after the whole Covid thing 😭 ). It’s a version of Nemo by Nightwish, reimagining it with the kind of crazy technical guitars you’d expect from our music. You can download it by clicking here.

Give it a listen when you’re done enjoying the video 😊


Thanks again for watching. And hey, if you enjoyed this, leave us a comment below! It’s always awesome to hear from you 🙂



  • kevin Peach says:

    Great band and Adrienne is just amazing!! Soon going to be right up there with Nightwish

  • Doug Hall says:

    Y’all are pretty good. Who are some of your influences? Mine are Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, SRV, EVH, etc.

  • Jonathan Wray says:

    You know i had to go back and read your story again….and i have to say its had to believe that anyone would want to beat on a beautiful angel of the earth…. And this is coming from the heart not the sight of triple d’s…you are very strong young lady for all of this and a true inspiration to us all…. Got nothing but love for ya. Keep up the good work

  • Jonathan Wray says:

    You all are inspiring …love the music…..keep on kicking ass

  • Brian Isenhart says:

    Loved the video, glad to know all of you still have the passion for music. The music is awesome and I can tell the heart all of you put into making it.

  • Donald L Spurgeon says:

    Outstanding you all rock.Stay tight and keep the music coming.

  • Mark Davis says:

    Great video, nice to see you all have a lovely friendship. Keep up the good rock and keep rockin!!

  • Erik butryn says:

    Loved the video here’s to ten more years of rocking out!!! Don’t stop love the passion of everyone in the band it’s great to see the connection and not a bunch of musicians trying to out play each other like a lot of the bigger bands!!

  • GRIM says:

    You’re totally awesome. Your music is phenomenal. I can’t believe all the bad sh1t you went through and survived. I’m glad you did though. Keep making great music. You’re all wonderful talented people. Stay awesome.

  • Bailous says:

    Wow and to think I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 4. Seeing this video and listening to your music and the stories has inspired me to get back at it. I’ve been through a lot of things and my last incident almost took my life. I’ve started to play again and I have to relearn some things but I’m beginning to feel that joy for the music again. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. It’s powerful and different. Keep it up.

    • Adrienne Odenthal says:

      That’s amazing! Thank you! It means the world to hear that our music has inspired you to get back to music yourself ❤️

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