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This top-secret video isn’t available publicly on our Youtube channel, only here through our website.

You can’t condense nearly a decade of footage into a 7-minute video, but this is a great collection of highlights over the years – you’re gonna love it! We think it’s pretty obvious how much fun we have making music together.

And while we’re at it – here’s a little git for you!

This is our newest cover, a song we play live quite a lot (on Twitch – the usual venues aren’t letting us play in-person at the moment after the whole Covid thing 😭 ). It’s a version of Nemo by Nightwish, reimagining it with the kind of crazy technical guitars you’d expect from our music. You can download it by clicking here.

Thanks again for watching. And hey, if you enjoyed this, leave us a comment below! It’s always awesome to hear from you 🙂



  • Gilberto Jasso says:

    Your an inspiration to those who have been to the deep dark depths of the mind. Music yet again has been shown to be the cure for a broken mind and heart. Thank you for reminding us that there is hope and there is always a place for everyone in music. Your story that you shared took a lot of courage and im sorry that it happened to you. On the bright side you have inspired many of us. Keep on rocking

    • Adrienne Odenthal says:

      That really means a lot Gilberto, thank you so much! It definitely wasn’t easy to talk about, but if I can help give people some hope, that makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for listening ❤️

  • Scott Ryan says:

    Liked the video. Had a ‘weepy weepy!’ moment; we lost our tuxeco cat Penny (she was almost 13) to lymphoma in 2016, and still miss her, very affectionate kitty. Looked (and acted) very much like the one shown here. And it is making me also want to get back to playing with my guitar player/friend Christian (I’m Bass) and finishing his/our music. Have a great 2021! Here’s to telling covid-19 to go the fu@k away…

    • Adrienne Odenthal says:

      I’m so sorry about your cat 🙁 I hope your 2021 is great too, and I hope you guys are able to get back to making music!

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