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The Unheard Warning exemplifies Mute Prophet’s “heavier, proggier symphonic metal” style. The album features modern and complex riffs, odd time signatures, blazing-fast shreddy guitar solos, all over a grandiose orchestral backing, and led by a powerful and flexible mezzo-soprano who also incorporates death growls.

A cohesive story unfolds throughout the album’s hour-long runtime: A quest through the shadow of divinity, the eclipse cast by the dark within all of us. Fans of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elder Scrolls, Legend of Zelda and other magical fantasies will LOVE the experience of listening from beginning to end.

This album features the beginnings of that trademark blend of haunting symphonic metal and guitar-driven ferocity that would go on to make Mute Prophet “one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands” according to Powerplay Magazine.

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