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…because as Epica’s Mark Jansen once said, “it’s pretty good music.”


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In describing The Unheard Warning, a reviewer from Dead Rhetoric said that “the symphonic metal backbone meets a heavier and more progressive bottom end – offering modern, intricate riffing structures with plenty of dark atmosphere to enhance matters further. Tough to come up with a favorite, given the catchy yet complex riffing patterns and the versatile vocal approach of Adrienne Odenthal – who hits everything from rockish vibes to soprano to growling. The technicality of it all may go over some symphonic fans palettes, but it is a breath of fresh air that progressive fans will definitely be pleased with.”

The Unheard Warning exemplifies Mute Prophet’s “heavier, proggier symphonic metal” style. The album features modern and complex riffs, odd time signatures, blazing-fast shreddy guitar solos, all over a grandiose orchestral backing, and led by a powerful and flexible mezzo-soprano who also incorporates the occasional death growling. The Unheard Warning is also a concept album, telling a story of dark transformation and the attainment of immortality – but it’s up to the listener to decipher the clues and find their own meaning within songs that are also perfectly enjoyable on their own.

This album is a powerful experience from beginning to end, featuring the beginnings of that trademark blend of haunting symphonic metal and guitar-driven ferocity that would go on to make Mute Prophet “one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands.”

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