When is a review more than just a review?

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I’ve never been one to put a lot of stock in music reviews. Call me skeptical, but I rarely find myself feeling like the reviewer has truly connected with the music they’re reviewing. Subjective opinions are all well and good, but I feel like some music reviews attempt to box the song or album into the existing pre-conceptions of the author, rather than trying to understand the artist’s perspective that may be outside of that box.

As a particularly egregious example of that, I once saw someone reviewing a Delain album and saying they preferred Cannibal Corpse! It’s fine that he preferred Cannibal Corpse, but it’s pretty unprofessional to give Delain a lower score just because they aren’t Cannibal Corpse. That being said, when it comes to Mute Prophet, I always welcome the honest opinions of people who have listened to our music and analyzed it for its own unique qualities.

But the greater question is…

when is a review more than just a review?

The personal feedback of fans will always mean more to me than that of a professional music critic.

In fact, there was one particular professional review we got that was actually written by a fan! This person, just like you, saw one of our Facebook ads, got some free music sent to their email address, checked out our blog posts, and ultimately reviewed our album “Stillborn Reflection” in the UK’s famous Powerplay Magazine! If you have a copy of the issue shown above, you might have read the review and not even realized it.

Again, we don’t normally take music reviews seriously, and we certainly don’t normally share them, but this one was just too cool! So here you go, the review of “Stillborn Reflection” by Powerplay’s Adrian Hextall.

Also, we have something else to share further down, so read on!

“Mute Prophet has emerged as one of America’s premiere symphonic metal bands. It’s a phrase I didn’t expect to use. Typically the premiere symphonic metal bands have originated in Europe, but thankfully our cousins from across the pond have managed to get in on the act by blending that strong European sound with the guitar led power metal approach from the US. Together it makes this a little bit different and original enough to stand out from the crowd, something many bands in this genre struggle to do. 

There are of course similarities to those premiership teams from Europe, and Mute Prophet would be wrong not to acknowledge their influences on the sound that the band produces. But where, for example, Greeta Van Fleet might be accused of playing Led Zeppelin songs just with new lyrics, Mute Prophet cannot be accused of trying to deliver ‘Once’ or ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’ with new content embedded. Instead it’s the guitar driven approach and the introduction of some throat-shredding growls that will require Strepsils on tour that push Mute Prophet to the front of the crowd. Lead vocalist Adrienne Odenthal can do smooth vocals with the best of them, but it’s the addition of her growls that push the band into Children of Bodom or Epica territory and keeps the listener on their toes. 

Kevin Goetz, the band’s lead guitarist and songwriter, has done an excellent job of creating something fresh, forcing his will and his playing to the front of the music and leaving us no doubt that these guys are not just symphonic Euro clones. The band themselves refer to the reinvention of the symphonic metal genre, and it’s a fair comment. There are times when they stray into the path of bands like Cradle of Filth, such is the power and energy around the tracks. Challenging, and worth repeated listens.”

To this day, we’re still in disbelief! None of us ever dreamed of receiving such incredible feedback on our music. But like I said earlier, the feedback of fans always means more to us than that of professional music critics. A review is more than just a review when it’s a genuine expression of support, brought on by genuine enjoyment of the music! Which is why we’re even more ecstatic to share this small selection of reviews from over on our Facebook page:

Chris F. Avatar

positive review  Only just discovered this band but I have been very impressed with the tracks I have listened to...I present a regular classic rock show on FM radio over here in the UK and so listen to a lot of rock/metal bands everyday...Let me tell you...Mute Prophet definitely stand out....a quality act with superb vocals, great musicianship and exciting arrangements....if you like classic symphomic/rock/metal (After Forever/Leaves Eyes/Nightwish/Epica etc..) then please give this band a listen...you won't be disappointed....will be including a track from them on my next show....😎

Chris F.
Emma L. Avatar

positive review  Mute Prophet breathes new life into this genre at just the right time! Most of the top symphonic metal bands seem to have abandoned their roots, and this upcoming band stands poised to lead a revolution, delivering some of the most passionate and powerful symphonic metal in years.

Emma L.
Travis S. Avatar

positive review  I’m a big fan of the genre, however you don’t see many groups in this genre from the US. The music is very well written and the recording quality is very good. All of the members are very talented and I feel that the group could hold their own with some of the best in the genre.

Travis S.
Walter Y. Avatar

positive review  "Stillborn Reflection" is part classic Nightwish, part modern Epica, and some of the most impressive guitar work to ever hit the female-fronted metal scene. This upcoming band has created a surprisingly unique twist on symphonic metal.

Walter Y.
Terry A. Avatar

positive review  the music just gets better & better, glad the dog growl vocal is at a minimum !!! Adriennes voice is the best out there in this genre xxxx

Terry A.
Tank M. Avatar

positive review  Passionate female vocals, cinematic orchestrations, emotional soundscapes with a guitar-driven twist that makes this band truly unique.

Tank M.
Andy M. Avatar

I love this band. These guys deserve way more publicity. The creativity is nothing short of respectable.

Andy M.
John B. Avatar

positive review  Great vocal, tight mix lots of feel. tracks as they should, show more detail at each hearing.

John B.
Carissa K. Avatar

In my opinion, this is ESSENTIAL listening for every symphonic metal fan.

Carissa K.
Steven W. Avatar

Some of the best music I have ever heard with amazing sound

Steven W.
Gary D. Avatar

Love your grrrawl girl it's fuckin amazing. Respect

Gary D.

Want to check out the album that’s getting all the attention?

Click here to get your copy of Stillborn Reflection…

…And brace yourself for “the soundtrack to a moonlit night and a turbulent sea!”


  • Jason says:

    Crushing riffs, blazing solos, epic orchestrations, and the voice of a siren…Mute Prophet is the soundtrack to a moonlit night and a turbulent sea! Love you guys. Like a cross between Nightwish and COB.

  • Randal says:

    You guys and gals all rock; I’m glad you didn’t sell out. The strength you all bring from your individual tragedies and put this together is amazing. I purchased both albums and while I enjoyed The Unheard Warning, I feel like you guys really stepped it up with Stillborn Reflection (ie, you went from greatness to awesomeness). Adrienne, I would dare say your voice in the Nemo cover is better than the original. All of you keep it up and kicking ass. The best is yet to come.

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Thanks so much Randal! That means a lot, and we’re sure you’ll agree the upcoming third album takes things even further!

  • Terry Augar says:

    When I first received the free downloads from frontman Kevin Goetz, I was expecting An Epica/Nightwish soundalike!! But what I heard was not so Operatic vocals, but Emotional content!! pain…passion..longing..love
    Love for their craft!! And then I asked for more background on the band members. That is when it hit me !! This band has all come from torn hurtful relationships in one form or another …Resulting in a tour de force of unbridled emotional talent that needs venting!! This band does not need Euro Symph bands to propel them into the Genre, As they have created a new Sub Genre of Emotional Rock Symphonies !! Every band member plays to His/Her own strengths….Result !! Majestic beauty and originality !!

    • Kevin Goetz says:

      Terry, thank you so much! Seriously, I’m blown away and honestly not even sure quite how to articulate a response ❤️ It means so much to us all that you connect with the music on such an incredible level. Can’t wait to share the third album with you 😊 And sorry for the delayed reply, apparently there was a WordPress API update that broke this and made it start posting as separate comments rather than notified replies.

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